Conflict WWII: Refinary

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June 8, 1945 The war is on the brink of its end. Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Communist Nazi Regeme, has commited suicide, and the roads to Germany are getting wider and wider. As the Allied Forces approch the border of Germany, they come across a Nazi Oil Refinary. If they could destroy this and ruin the oil, Nazi Tanks and Armoured Cars would have no means of energy and the Luftwaffe would be grounded, leaving the skies to rule by the British's own Royal Air Force. The American Squadron that discovered the refinary has no explosive charges left, so they called upon you and your Artillery team to shoot through the heart of the refinary, and destroy the Nazi's once and for all. But upon arrival, your mortar weapon's barrel has been damaged, so some of your mortar rounds might not spin the way you want, and make it difficlult to enter pipes. Also; this is a highly secured base. Expect gates in the pipeline and hidden entrances. Good luck, and remember, the outcome of the war rests on your shoulders.
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