The Tools

Color Pallet Using this pallet You can change the color of the line you draw. Works for both the line and pen tools(see below for more on those tools)
Tools Pencil tool This is a freehand pencil. Use it to draw lines on your level.
Straight line Tool Use this to create straight lines, perfect for small pieces of art. click once to add a line, double click to stop drawing.
Eraser Use this to delete lines on your level.
Starting Point Place this where you want your level to begin.
Goal Place this where you want your level to finish.
Scroll Use this to scroll across the level. Or you could just use the left and right arrow keys.

Foreground & Background options
On the right is the foreground tool. In this mode, any lines you place will be able to swing on.
On the left is the background tool. In this mode, any lines that you place will be merely for detail. You cannot swing on these lines. To change mode, simply click on the option you want.
Move the marker up or down depending on how large you want your pencil to be.

Options menu
On the left is the save tool, use this to submit your level into the database for the world to play.

In the middle is the clear tool. This will clear every line you have drawn.

On the right is the test tool, use this to test the level you are creating.

To play, click anywhere on your screen in order for the wires to come out of the player. Have fun!
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