- This is the Pencil tool, this tool allows you to draw the lines that Pete rides on.

- This is the Goal or Star tool; you collect these through the map to finish the map.

- This is the Eraser tool, with this tool you delete undesired lines you created.

- These are the Control Arrows; these tools allow you to move about the map as you please.

- This is the Trash option; press this to delete the current map.

-This is the Play button; this allows you to go from editing to playing.

- This is the Restart button; this is the same as pressing the “Space” key.

- This is the Open function; you click this then you paste you map code then press “Open” then your map is up.

- This is the Save button; this allows you to save your map to the Trackmill database.

- This is the Get Code button; with this you can get your code then save the code to your computer for future editing.

- This is the 3D option; this allows you to render the lines 3D.

- This is the Help button; if you click it you see the controls.


Free Rider 1 Controls

Accelerate: Up
Brake: Down
Lean: Left/Right
Turn around: X
Restart: Space
Shift: Snap to last line (drawing)

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