Free Rider 2 on Trackmill will no longer be updated, Kano Games has taken over production of the series. Create and play tracks in Free Rider HD!
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A new trackmill game is out! Give it a try: Cat Ninja! Have an idea, feature, bug, or just want to chat with a goose? please contact me at

Just Added:

Reporting Tracks- Now you can report tracks that are inappropriate right on the play page, before it's deleted TrackMill staff will review it

Coming Soon:

Skateboard, the final update- I am well aware of all your skateboard woes. This next and last update should take care of everything, and add a jump too.

Checkpoints-Are long tracks to, well, long? Would you like a way to start in the middle of the track? Soon you will be able to do just that!

Featured Tracks- There are many great tracks that get hidden in the mix of thousands of tracks. We are hunting them down!

Track Lists- Gives the ability for any member of the community to compile a list of tracks and share it with the community. The community will be able to rate and comment about the list.

Subscribe to a Track designer- When you subscribe to a track designer you will easily be able to watch and know when the designer comes out with a new track. to subscribe click the button on the designers page.

Pure Flash map submission- Soon you will not need to copy and past the map code into a form. All you will need to do is press the save button in the game and presto, the track will be added to the database.

Improved Full screen- Right now full screen mode is somewhat laggy and stretched. I am working on a fix for this.

Recently Added:

Scooter-Trackmill's staff member has surprised us all with a brand new vehicle, a scooter!

Download Track code-Lose your code? You can now download your trackcode by clicking the in your "your maps" page

"Remember Me"- After you login trackmill should remember you for 3 weeks before logging you out. Please let me know if it is working properly

skateboard, take 2- The new version of the skateboard is out. Early feedback is saying he is to 'wobbly'. First guy was to stiff, this one is to wobbly... Ill get it right eventually. He also still gets caught or explodes on curves. I think its because of the small wheels. I have an idea for beta 3. hopefully by beta 5 we will have some tricks. Feel free to email me feedback at or on the forums

AUTO category - instead of labeling you auto maps "just for Fun" you can now label it in its own category. I actually need a few people to put autos that are already in the database into the auto category. Let me know if you want to help

Updated login- Get a great score but forgot to login? create a fantastic track that took 5 hours but the site logged you out and you lost it? This is no longer an issue. You now login without leaving the page you are on, so nothing is lost ;). Cool right?

Favorites list- Sick of looking for a track you loved through the nearly 200,000 tracks on the site? Now you wont have to. If you like a track, all you need to do is click "the add to Favs" button on top of every Track page.

Search- This was one of the most requested Features. You can finally search through the tracks for a track you are looking for. It is still a "work in progress" I plan on making the search much more effective in the near future

Track designers Page- a page with all a particular track designers Tracks on it.

Track Size-Want to know the size of the track before you submit? Just press the save button and presto.

A Wheel Chair-One of the most requested new vehicles has arrived!

Redo-Because undo was so popular a redo function has been added as well

Undo- Eraser got you down? keep deleting lines you don't want to? Me too, but not anymore, thanks to the new undo.

Previous Features:

Rate Tracks- We are the only site on the net that allows you to Easily rate tracks

Comment on tracks- We were the first, and still have the best free rider 2 comment script.

Full screen mode- Where else can you play your favorite track in full screen? Nowhere, that's where.

High scores- Can you submit your scores on any other free rider 2 site? Nope. That is another trackmill exclusive.