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Track Game Code

Discussion in 'iZZi' started by tris11, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. tris11

    tris11 Washer

    -18 1i 18 1i,16 1i 2e 1m 42 1v 5n 2b 7j 2u 95 3i ao 4a cc 55 e0 64 fh 77 gr 8j hp a6 if c0 it ds j1 fs iq hu i4 jv gv lt f4 ni cr ot a7 q1 7b qu 4a rn 19 sa -1p sp -4q t3 -7r te,-7p tf -8n tj -9u to -b7 tr -cj tr -du tn -ff tb -gp sq -i2 s4,-i2 s4 -j8 r7,-j7 o1 -jn n7 -kk mb -ls ld,-ls ld -ng ke -p5 jm -r4 it -tb i7 -vq hi -12d gv -151 gc -17m fq -1ac f8 -1d3 en -1fr e7 -1ik ds -1le dj -1o8 dd -1r2 d8 -1ts d3 -20m d0 -23g cu -26a ct -293 ct -2bt cs -2em cr -2hf cj -2k0 c2 -2m6 bb -2o2 ag -2pk 9k -2qv 8p,-2rc 2j -2sh 1u -2tr 1b -2ve l -31f -9 -338 -15 -356 -25 -37f -36 -3a0 -47 -3cn -58 -3fh -67 -3ie -76 -3le -83 -3oj -8s -3rq -9g -3v0 -9v -425 -aa -459 -ai -48c -ao -4bf -ar -4eh -at -4hj -au -4kk -b2 -4nk -bg -4qg -c4 -4tb -cu -501 -dt -52k -f2 -552 -gb -578 -hp -598 -jb -5b2 -l2 -5cn -ms -5e6 -oq -5ff -qr -5gj -st -5hk -v0 -5id -114 -5j0 -138 -5jf -15b -5jn -17b -5jn -198 -5jd -1b1 -5is -1cm -5i2 -1e7 -5h1 -1fj -5fs -1gs -5ej -1i1 -5d5 -1j2 -5bl -1k0 -5a2 -1kq -58e -1lg -56r -1m2 -557 -1mf -53j -1mn -51f -1mp -4vb -1ml -4t7 -1mb -4r6 -1lq -4p7 -1l3 -4n9 -1k7 -4l9 -1j9 -4jl -1il -4hp -1i5 -4fo -1hs -4dk -1hr -4bf -1i3 -49b -1ii -478 -1j7 -458 -1k2 -43c -1l4,-43c -1l4 -41k -1md -405 -1nr -3uu -1ph -3u1 -1rb -3tf -1tc -3tc -1vi -3tp -21r -3ur -242 -40l -264 -435 -27s,-435 -27s -464 -296 -496 -2a2 -4c7 -2aj -4f8 -2av -4i8 -2b9 -4l8 -2bi -4o8 -2bp -4r7 -2bu -4u7 -2c0 -516 -2c1 -545 -2c0 -574 -2bv -5a3 -2bt -5d1 -2br -5fv -2bp -5it -2bm -5lp -2bi -5om -2be -5ri -2bb -5uf -2b7 -61b -2b3 -648 -2av -674 -2ar -6a1 -2an -6ct -2ai -6fp -2ae -6im -2a9 -6li -2a3 -6oc -29c -6r1 -27t -6t8 -25k -6v4 -237 -70a -20o -70s -1u8 -70t -1rn -705 -1p5 -6up -1mk -6sk -1k7 -6qp -1im -6oh -1hb -6m1 -1g5 -6ja -1f5 -6gh -1e8 -6dn -1dd -6au -1cj -684 -1br -65b -1b4,-8or -m9 -8pk -le -8qg -kb -8r9 -j6 -8s3 -hq -8st -g6 -8tp -e7 -8uf -cg -8v4 -ah -8vo -8d -90b -66 -90t -3s -91d -1h -91p v -91q 3j -91f 68 -90p 8t -8vm bj -8u1 e9 -8rp gu -8ps il -8np kc -8lf m1 -8it nl -8g5 p7 -8d7 qn -8a3 s3 -86q tb -83e uf -801 ve -7si 10b -7p4 115 -7ln 11s -7i9 12g -7es 132 -7bh 13h -787 13u,-789 13v -774 14b -75n 14n -748 14u -726 156 -70b 15e -6uc 15o -6s9 163 -6q3 16f -6nr 16s -6lh 17a -6j5 17p -6go 189 -6e9 18p -6bp 19b -698 19t -66n 1ae -644 1av -61f 1bf -5uq 1bt -5s3 1c9 -5pa 1cj -5mg 1cp -5jl 1cr -5gp 1co -5dt 1cg -5b2 1c6 -586 1bs -55a 1bh -52f 1b7 -4vm 1as -4t2 1af -4qs 19r -4p8 190 -4nn 17o -4mo 16h -4me 158 -4mo 145 -4nq 13j -4ov 13i -4q5 13s -4r3 14i -4rh 15l -4rm 16r -4rk 17s -4rg 18p -4re 19i -4rb 1a8 -4r6 1av -4qt 1bo -4qn 1ce -4qj 1d5 -4ql 1e7,-4qp 1e8 -4t4 1i2 -4nm 1hv -4qp 1e5##B -4uq 196 3d,B -4v7 19e 31,B -4vg 19t 2q,B -4ul 1au b6,B -4tu 1bd ap,B -4t3 1ap a6,B -4s8 1at a4,B -4s3 1ae a3,B -4rj 19t 91,B -4rf 18l 85,B -4rf 17n 7g,B -4r5 175 7i,B -4rr 16m 4m,B -4td 16c 3p,B -4t8 17d 4e,B -4tv 17i 3b,B -4uq 17s 3o,B -4v4 188 3m,B -4vc 18n 3c,B -4vl 19c 2h,B -500 19m 25,G -50p 1aj 1l,G -4vt 1b8 12,G -4uj 1b8 aq,G -4tv 1b3 an,G -4ta 1au aa,G -4sk 1ar a4,G -4s2 1au a9,G -4ro 1ae b8,G -4r0 199 7j,G -4qj 197 7i,G -4r2 18b 7h,G -4r4 17s 7o,G -4r2 17f 7r,G -4rc 176 81,G -4vg 18s 2e,G -4vg 192 33,G -4vr 19h 2i,G -4ve 1ac 2a,G -4ve 1a4 2m,G -500 19o 2e,G -50r 19l 2f,G -504 18v 3s,G -500 18e 3i,G -4vm 189 38,G -4ti 16n 52,G -4u6 16p 4p,G -4ui 17q 4e,G -4v1 17d 4b,G -4vh 17f 4b,G -4rt 15r 5q,G -4s7 16a 4s,G -4sr 168 4i,G -4t8 167 4d,G -4tp 167 4e,G -4ug 168 40,G -4uj 16m 53,G -4v2 170 4h,G -4s0 1a5 a4,G -4sa 1a0 9l,G -4sk 1a7 a0,G -4sr 1ae aq,G -4t1 1af a9,G -4ta 1ah b8,G -4u4 1ae 2l,G -4u8 1a5 2m,G -4u9 1a0 2q,G -4ui 19o 2k,G -4uo 19e 2m,G -4us 18s 3h,G -4ul 18l 3a,G -4us 18g 2q,G -4rm 19o 8e,G -4rj 19g 85,G -4rm 192 87,G -4rr 18j 7f,G -4ro 189 85,G -4rm 17u 83,G -4ro 17s 85,G -4sd 176 55,G -4s5 176 5h,G -4sp 178 4m,G -4su 17d 4p,G -4t6 17d 4p,G -4tk 175 50,G -4tn 17l 56,G -4u1 17s 53,G -4rr 197 8a,G -4re 19g 8h,G -4re 197 8e,G -771 13e 2s,G -78m 13d 2r,G -78l 13g 3b,G -7bf 13d 2d,G -7iv 121 3d,G -7m6 11d 38,G -7ri 104 3e,G -80n uq 3c,G -830 u4 3c,G -86b t5 3l,G -8aq re 3o,G -8f3 p6 3s,G -8go of 3m,G -8ii nm 3n,G -8kb mj 47,G -8m2 lj 3o,G -8nn k9 47,G -8pn in 43,G -8rh gj 4k,G -8tg e3 4c,G -8v6 br 4i,G -907 93 4v,G -90e 6v 5e,G -912 3u 5b,G -91a 25 5k,G -91h i 5c,B -5rd -1cv 8b,B -5r1 -1cp 8g,B -5rf -1cf 88,B -5rk -1c3 8p,B -5qq -1bn 8l,B -5qp -1bj 8g,B -5r8 -1b4 8j,B -5r4 -1as 89,B -5r0 -1ah 8c,B -5qe -1a8 89,B -5qc -19t 8e,G -5sq -1b2 86,G -5t2 -1am 89,G -5rd -1al 8e,G -5r6 -1af 8e,G -5q4 -1ai 86,G -5p3 -199 89,G -5p6 -1a1 7u,G -5ov -1aa 88,G -5pc -1aj 8a,G -5q2 -1au 89,G -5qd -1av 8g,G -5qi -1b6 8e,G -5rh -1bm 7u,G -5r9 -1c0 85,G -5r7 -1cc 85,G -5re -1cg 87,G -5ru -1ck 7v,G -5s0 -1cr 83,G -5sr -1cu 83,G -5sr -1cn 87,G -5sf -1ce 89,G -5sh -1bv 8c,G -5su -1be 8e,G -5ss -1bc 8f,G -5rv -1b7 8g,G -5rp -1bc 88,G -5qs -1br 88,G -5qp -1bo 86,G -5ra -1bj 8b,G -5qj -1ap 8a,G -5r5 -1ad 8b,G -5r6 -1a8 88,G -5pm -1a1 87,G -5qh -1a3 7s,G -5oh -19c 8g,G -5oc -19q 7t,G -5oo -1ab 84,G -5od -1ac 85,G -62i -1e5 59,G -61h -1cb 8o,G -616 -1c4 5k,G -618 -1be 5f,G -61n -1b3 4n,G -61q -1cb 5m,G -61l -1c6 5f,G -62k -1b5 3f,G -622 -1bp 6f,G -61e -1bc 5k,G -61h -1bp 5i,G -61n -1c0 5o,G -620 -1c4 5g,G -5rd -1d1 88,G -5qc -1ck 8b,G -5qg -1c2 8a,G -5ph -1be 8c,G -5q9 -1a6 8l,G -5q9 -1aa 88,G -5qt -1aq 7u,G -5r8 -1bg 84,G -5s8 -1bt 89,G -5tm -1c4 85,G -5u6 -1bg 88,G -5tv -1b3 87,G -5sp -1aa 8f,G -5tb -1a4 89,G -5u1 -1a6 8e,G -5sl -1al 8d,G -5s5 -1a1 8i,G -5r2 -19d 8h,G -5q0 -192 86,G -5pj -18g 8f,G -5ok -18e 8a,G -5q0 -19f 88,G -5pj -19o 8c,G -61l -1br 5h,G -61u -1bu 53,G -61l -1ce 5k,G -618 -1c5 5f,G -61o -1db 59,G -61u -1ci d,G -61r -1cb 5k,G -61h -1ci 5u,G -62b -1do 52,G -61e -1dl 6i,G -61u -1c2 2f,G -62r -1b8 4i,G -62e -1br 5v,G -5ud -1cb 83,G -5t7 -1d5 84,G -5t7 -1d5 8e,G -5sa -1c5 87,G -5td -1b1 89,G -5rt -1ao 89,G -5rq -1ao 7v,G -5rt -19u 87,G -5t0 -197 8e,G -5ua -194 8e,G -5v7 -19k 88,G -5ve -1a1 89,G -5v7 -1be 83,G -604 -1cb 86,G -5vu -1bb 88,G -62f -1bi 5b,G -639 -1bd 5a,G -63p -1bl 4r,G -64a -1bg 5v,G -64r -1bg 50,G -62j -1al 5k,G -65n -1bg 3b,G -6ql -1j0 3v,G -6sc -1kc 4a,G -6ug -1mm 49,G -6vq -1ok 4j,G -70i -1r8 5c,G -70i -1uf 5g,G -70a -1vu 65,G -6vs -21b 63,G -5a4 -jv 19,G -44r -28k at,G -3ts -22b u,G -3v4 -1p8 23,G -4s5 -1m3 68,G -59c -1l1 56,G -5gp -1fq 3v,G -5jp -197 3c,G -5if -119 2g,G -5f4 -pg 1r,G cb 55 7g,G 7 sa 3,G et ni 9j,G ia ji a1,G j1 fv 8e,G if br 7u
  2. spacemonkey

    spacemonkey Piston

    I don't really like the track
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2012
  3. deltacon

    deltacon Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    I sure hope it's unfinished

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