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no Ideas

Discussion in 'Bit Addiction' started by madswars8, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. madswars8

    madswars8 Minecraft's huge builder Piston

    Soory no more ideas no more newst tracks you want help me but is idea but im dont know here is down raters and is rated down.What,s ideas ?

    Idea creat track

    Im buding home tree sun water
    Bean good idea?

    You say bad idea post coments ideas what creating a map
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2011
  2. freeguy

    freeguy da Car Master Bolt

    make a blob tunnel.
  3. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    Good idea, blob tunnels are always fun in Bit Addiction.
  4. fatfry2

    fatfry2 I like fries Engineer

    I no rite?

    Ok listen madswars... Reread your ******* posts
    Im not fond of trying to deduce your posts so much that 1/2 the time after 5 minutes I still can't get the message your trying to say in your posts
  5. madswars8

    madswars8 Minecraft's huge builder Piston

    Blob tunnel is now out
  6. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    I litterally laughed out loud when I read that post lol.
    Haha dude, we were being sarcastic because freeguy thought this was the Fr2 section, not Bit Addiction.
  7. mishmoshman27

    mishmoshman27 Washer

    here is a starter (isnt that good so dont laugh) pack -18 1i 18 1i,-18 1j -16 59 1f 58,1g 56 1g 1j,18 1h 1d 1h,1i 1i u 5a,1i 34 k 5a,1i 42 a 5a,1i 4m 0 5a,1i 50 -k 5a,1a 1j 1f 1l,1a 1g 1u 1i 2i 1o,33 22 3b 2p 3j 3i 48 43 4s 4i 5i 4s 67 5d 70 69 7r 76 8p 89 9v 9b b2 a2 c9 am dl b2 ep b7,er b9 ed bs es ci f8 d9 fu dj g8 ct,j1 bb k0 bf l2 bl m8 br nm bv pb bv qp bq sa bf tt at vh a1 114 8t 12k 7k 137 7s 131 8o 135 9o 136 aq 13a c9 13p dd 14f ee 14f g0 151 h8 160 i9 174 ja 17m jr 18b ke 19b l7 1af lt 1bo mi 1d5 nb 1el od 1g3 pl 1hi qv 1iv sc 1ka tr 1ll vc 1n0 10t 1od 12e 1pq 140 1qg 14l 1rf 15c 1si 15t 1tr 168 1v8 16b 20r 16b 229 167 23r 160 25c 15g,25c 15g 26p 14q 283 142 29c 13p 2a5 143 2b4 14g 2c8 14g 2de 14f 2ek 14a 2fm 140 2go 146 2hr 14g 2ir 14f 2k0 149 2l5 14a 2m8 14j 2n6 156 2nt 15s 2oh 16m 2p1 17f 2pj 182,2pg 17s 2qv 17q 2si 17n 2tt 17l 2vb 17i 30v 17j 32o 17n,33 21 2m 1q,fj ba ga bc h2 bc,fj ba g6 bl g7 ca gj co,h1 bb j0 bb,g9 ct gl co,32k 17n 33d 17s 34d 183 35k 18c 36o 18k 37t 18u 394 19b 3ab 19o 3bg 1a6 3cj 1ap 3dq 1bk 3et 1cg 3g2 1dg 3h9 1ei 3ii 1fl 3ju 1gq 3lb 1ht 3ms 1iq 3oe 1jf 3q3 1jt 3rr 1k2 3tg 1k1 3ut 1jq 404 1j7 41e 1ic 42q 1ha 44a 1g5,44d 1g5 449 1h0 44r 1ht 45i 1in 46a 1jn 47p 1k5 49b 1jk 4b0 1i8 4c6 1hb 4dg 1hi 4f0 1id 4gc 1j2 4hv 1ir 4jk 1ic 4kn 1hq,4kn 1hr 4lh 1hk 4mi 1hh 4nl 1hk 4ou 1hr 4q1 1i6 4r3 1ik 4s6 1j7 4t7 1jt 4u7 1kn 4va 1ln 50a 1ml 51c 1nh 52e 1od 53m 1p8 555 1q0 56q 1qg 58h 1qq 5aa 1qr 5c3 1qb 5dr 1pg 5fh 1od 5h7 1n5 5iv 1m0 5ko 1l5 5mf 1kl 5nr 1kg 5p1 1ko 5q2 1lb 5qs 1m0 5rg 1mp 5s7 1nv 5t0 1p9 5to 1qd 5um 1re 600 1rt 618 1rn 62i 1rc,68l 1o6 6a9 1n0 6bu 1lq 6dm 1ko 6fe 1jn 6h7 1ip 6it 1i6 6kg 1i1 6lq 1i6 6n6 1ij 6oj 1ja 6pr 1k2 6r4 1kv 6sg 1lv 6tt 1n1 6vb 1o3 70q 1p6 72b 1q8 73t 1rb 75g 1se 773 1ti 78m 1um 7aa 1vq,62i 1rd 635 1s7 644 1sv 656 1tk 66b 1uo 67d 1vs 68l 20t 6a0 21l 6b7 228 6cj 22o 6du 22u 6f9 22q 6gd 22m 6hn 22l 6j7 22d 6kg 21r 6lq 213 6n5 20i 6oi 218 6pm 228 6qr 23a 6s2 24d,6s7 24e 6sp 25a 6tm 268 6ui 271 6vc 27m 707 28c 715 296 728 2a4 73f 2b6 74h 2c4 75n 2d1 771 2dr 78e 2ef 79p 2eq 7b5 2eo,7b2 2eo 7bt 2eo 7ct 2en 7dt 2ek 7ev 2ef 7g3 2e8 7h5 2e0 7i7 2di 7j2 2d1 7jr 2cf 7kk 2bk 7l8 2ak 7lt 29b,7lv 29a 7ml 29p 7mt 2aq 7ms 2c2 7n6 2d4 7np 2e9 7oh 2fm 7p6 2gv 7pr 2ie 7qi 2ju 7ra 2lg 7sa 2mu 7te 2oc 7um 2pl 806 2qm 81q 2rh 83h 2s5 85a 2sl 874 2t2 88u 2tf 8ao 2tq 8ch 2tv 8e8 2tl 8fv 2t6 8hm 2sk 8jb 2rs 8kq 2qu,8nj 2p1 8o7 2of 8op 2nk 8p4 2ml 8pb 2lj 8ph 2k9 8p6 2j4 8oa 2ib 8n7 2hs 8m5 2hi 8ku 2hf 8ju 2ht##
  8. cbakkebo

    cbakkebo Washer

    it's dumb you fat head

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