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My Favorite Levels

Discussion in 'Coconudge 2' started by Cornelias, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    Here are my top 10 favorite tracks (no, none of these are mine, mine don't count).

    10. [​IMG]Cocothon: Easy by yuhusPlay Track

    9. [​IMG]Cocothon: Medium by yuhusPlay Track

    8. [​IMG]Angry Coconuts by yuhusPlay Track

    7. [​IMG]coco jump by c3b4mePlay Track

    6. [​IMG]DERP by derpdee63Play Track

    5. [​IMG]Jumpin' by derpdee63Play Track

    4. [​IMG]First level by ColourfulWorldPlay Track

    TOP THREE! (cross your fingers)

    3. [​IMG]aMAZEing level by kido33Play Track

    2. [​IMG]kthx by iTz ChuckNorrisPlay Track

    1. Congratulations to Nathan Pro!

    [​IMG]Bamboo by Nathan ProPlay Track

    Those were my top 10 favorites. What are your top 10 favorites? Post here.

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