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coconudge 2 bugs

Discussion in 'Coconudge 2' started by c3b4me, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. c3b4me

    c3b4me Remember when this place was once was something? Piston

    even though I'm not goose or the developer of this game i would like to make a bugs page so post any bugs you find on coconudge 2 and hopefully someone (not me) can fix them i personally have found one when you click the found a bug it goes to the derpey shape game bugs page.
  2. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    sadly this game will not be updated / improved, but I will remove that link.
  3. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    Okay, even though this game won't be updated I found another bug.

    I made a level called An Epic Way.

    As you can see, the background :p


    It's odd.
  4. I need to bring to your attention that in coconudge 2 it won't let you save your highscores so the leader board is empty.
  5. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I will take a look the next time I run a maintenance check.

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