Free Rider 2 on Trackmill will no longer be updated, Kano Games has taken over production of the series. Create and play tracks in Free Rider HD!
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Free Rider 2 takes free rider to a whole new level. You can now not only play your level/ map as a bike, but also as a truck, chopper, unicycle, and many other cool vehicles. Free rider 2 's building engine has also had quite few improvements. you have access to a curve tool, Free rider 2 power ups. So feel free and go ride.
Free Rider 2 Mapname Creator Rating
HALO Tobbe o co 9.13/10
Random Road To ??? (Rocky Place) MTB17 9.13/10
3D Dirtbiking BIGBLU3 9.13/10
Speed Tunnel II (Finished) lizardman59 9.13/10
Jump Trail [Preview] Jacke_s 9.12/10
Wheelie Auto! [Unfinished] Jacke_s 9.12/10
Epic Bike Manuals Acid Bubble 9.12/10
Off Trailz -MTB- (Unlocked) bikernz 9.12/10
Claustrophobic Caves 2- UNI/MTB Snake Eyes 9.12/10
Gravity Mountain 3 kevinn99 9.12/10
3D Park 0212(Preview) upq0212 9.12/10
Hot Pursuit luke676 9.12/10
It never ends. Rate 10 to get an
Tobbe o co 9.12/10
Alpine Hike [Preview] amansUnCuT689 9.12/10
Dirt Slopestyle rom38112 9.11/10
Adventure dive [Completed] NoPro 9.11/10
-Big Jumps 2- MTB Mombasa 9.11/10
iTz ChuckNorris 9.11/10
Epic✦Cave✦Drop✦{MTB} jasips 9.11/10
Smooth Ride 2 Preview NoPro 9.11/10
(MTB) Mountain PrO (Fixed) Jacke_s 9.11/10
Heaven And Hell (Finished) lizardman59 9.11/10
Mountain Ride [10.For.More] Jacke_s 9.10/10
flips and jumps 2 (finished)
(rate 10/10 please)
punkygrant1 9.10/10
I Wonder ... [unfinished] - 5th
japanska buba 9.10/10
Stony Desert #Preview# upq0212 9.10/10
Nuclear bomb escape (Preview) theworst 9.10/10
MTB Slopes 2 Ft. D3CK3R jasips 9.10/10
Dragon Escape {Unfinished} arska37 9.10/10
Rush Valley {MTB} mitchellR 9.10/10
Semi Finals Supercross Cruntles 9.10/10
MONSTER mountain {MTB} pierusose=O 9.10/10
Icey Slopes 2 {MTB} mr.wookie 9.10/10
Wheelie [2030] Jacke_s 9.09/10
Road to Rocky Mountain (MTB)
(PREVIEW) - Dan_pro
dan_pro 9.09/10
Long Way Home 2 {Mtb} Spongolese 9.09/10
Escape The AREA
upq0212 9.09/10
doggy dog jump jam aidang 9.09/10
Same shit all day (mtb) Spvgg 9.09/10
Road Runner 1:random purjo 9.09/10
BMX Trails UPDATE!!! (10 for
builder 9.09/10
Natural Mountain Jacke_s 9.08/10
{MTB DH} Smooth Mountain Jumps
AddSudd12 9.08/10
Snowy Slopes VII iTz ChuckNorris 9.08/10
Cruntles Fun Park Cruntles 9.08/10
Funky Ride 2 NoPro 9.08/10
Road Runner 2:Steel Land purjo 9.08/10
there is no rebirth :( R.I.P FR2 MTB17 9.07/10
Truck Jumps {Rate Ten For More} Spongolese 9.07/10
meteor shower (preview) spacemonkey 9.07/10
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