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    09-01-2013, 06:46 AM   #1
    Post Rules

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!
    Welcome to
    - One of the leading and original providers of "social gaming!" Here is where you will find our complete forum community rules. Please keep them in mind when you post, as violations of the rules can result in infractions or bans to your TrackMill account (if you are banned you cannot use any of TrackMill's services).

    General Posting Rules
    #1. Do NOT spam. We cannot stress this enough. Spamming is defined as any message that does not contribute to the discussions on the forum. This forum is NOT a chat room, quick chats should be done in the chatbox at the top of the forum. Every time before you post ask yourself this: "Is what I am posting contributing to the discussion?" If the answer is "No" then DO NOT POST. Those who spam simply to get high post counts will have their post count reset to zero.

    Spamming Defined:
    • Posting a nonsense/garbled message anywhere.
    • Posting threads/posts in the wrong forum.
    • Posting off topic messages in any thread.
    • Posting excessive amounts of emoticons/image macros in any thread.
    • Posting anything that does not contribute to the discussion.
    #2. Don't double post unless it is absolutely necessary. If you need to add more to your post use the "EDIT" button (). If there is a problem with your connection and your post is submitted twice, do not worry, a moderator will notice this and will clean it up without problems.

    #3. No swearing, keep it civil. We have a filter that blocks bad words for a reason. If you are caught trying to bypass this filter or if your posts are being filtered for profanity, you will get in trouble for it. Keep it clean, keep it respectful.

    #4. Don't bump a dead thread unless you have something new to offer to the conversation. Posting in old threads is okay so long as what you are posting isn't spam and would be of interest to those reading the thread. It is always better to post in an old thread than to start another new one.

    #5. No flaming, no trolling. Flaming/trolling are any kinds of posts that are meant to be purposely rude to another user or to the TrackMill staff. We will not tolerate blatant rudeness and it will be met with corrective action. If you have a dispute with someone, settle it outside of these forums. We do not want to clean up after it.

    #6. Don't post pornographic or adult material. This includes not only pornography (obviously) but other things such as explicit descriptions/discussion on sex, drug use, and other unsuitable "adult" discussion topics.

    #7. Read the pinned threads. Many pinned threads will answer your questions or help point you in the right direction with our games and forums. Read them for advice BEFORE starting new support threads as your question(s) may already be answered.

    #8. One account per user, one user per account. No exceptions. There is no reason as to why you should need to have more than one account. "It's my friend/brother/cousin" is not a valid excuse as the majority of the time, it's a lie. If you are caught with multiple accounts we will ban either all but one or all of them depending on how many there are. Additionally, Only one person may use your account: YOU. Do not share accounts with users, banned or not.

    #9. Don't ask to be a moderator. Seriously, don't, we get this enough. TrackMill keeps an eye on helpful, mature, and upstanding members of the community at all times in the event that we would need to add another moderator to the staff. There is no set "way" to be a moderator, but we can assure you ASKING us to make you one is not it.

    #10. Don't post illegal downloads. Full versions of computer software, album downloads, full length movies, video game ISOs, keygens, warez/cracks, etc. Is not allowed. Posting ROMs for old video game consoles no longer in print is okay, posting promotional media such as trailers is okay, and posting Creative Commons or Public Domain work is okay.

    #11. Dealing with ad bots. We are able to keep out MOST scripted ad-spam accounts, but some always can fall through the cracks. If you see a bot DO NOT QUOTE THE POST OR REPLY TO IT as that only gives the staff more work to do. Report the bot and ignore it.

    #12. The News & Announcements subforum is for serious comments only. Keep your comments intelligent or you will lose access.
    (I am active enough to change this message.)

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