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Default Introduce yourself.

Hello, and welcome to the Forums. Please post in this thread to introduce yourself. Give some basic info about yourself:Where do you live? How old are you?What kind of music do you like? What are your Hobbies? Or any other info that will help us know you better.
Have fun and thanks for posting.

-goose and the trackmill staff.

I will start with myself:

I am currently going to Northern Illinois University in hopes of becoming a computer science major. I know 8 different computer languages. My "real" job is working for a web development company creating the backend of many popular sites. I dont have a favorite genre of music; I like anything that is upbeat.
On of my hobbies is robotics. Epically robot combat. I have been to several events and plan on making a few of my own when I have some spare time. If you ever want to try a GREAT robot combat game give Robot arena 2 a try. I also love playing basketball, I play quite a few games a week.
(I am active enough to change this message.)

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