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Z3ro 1234's Free Wires Gallery

Discussion in 'User Galleries (FW)' started by z3ro 1234, May 8, 2009.

  1. stacker1

    stacker1 Assembly Line Worker

    I loved all the colors on santas Sleigh and the christmas tree in winter wonderland! Nice job!
  2. Ace of clubs

    Ace of clubs ace of clubs is da name Cogwheel

    DUDE you tracks are sICKK your PRO!
  3. flooger2697

    flooger2697 The living-dead Washer

    They are awesome!
    I got FW Elite! Woot! It actually was really easy.
    Simpsons track was kinda hard.
    Winter Wonderland was okay, probably the worst of yours.
    And Changing Landscapes was okay, a little too long, although I've only played it once.
    Over all, you are very good, at FW AND FR2. You would be a Trackmill God, not Free Rider 2 God. Make more awesome tracks.
  4. BikingViking

    BikingViking Pro biker with a Cogwheel

    Yeah these tracks are sick man i love em beat them all!
  5. blazemaster

    blazemaster Looking for a collab! Assembly Line Worker

    love the elite fw track, I finished that track. All of your tracks are so good, I can't stop playing them!
  6. ~-zk-~

    ~-zk-~ ~-fading in-~ Assembly Line Worker

    Dude, your tracks are really good, how do you do that.
  7. DEATHcubeK

    DEATHcubeK Piston

    amazing art for the simpsons
  8. z3ro 1234

    z3ro 1234 <font color="red">I'll Be Your</font> <font color= Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Released a new track: Mission: Kill The General

    A bug caused the starting point to be too far back. To play the track:
    As soon as you start, constantly click a on the the side of the building, near the top. You should be pulled through the lines. Once there, repeat until inside the building. Then comes the challenging part ;)
  9. godteri

    godteri Hakuna Matata Mechanic

    I think you are the best Free Wire map maker. ;) And the best Free Rider map maker, one of the best Free Rider 2 maker and also a "good forumer (Lol, best I could find on)".
  10. milko180

    milko180 »░▒▓█ MÃ└kØ1&O █▓▒░» Piston

    the best simpsons track even though i couldnt beat it
  11. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    Are you entering the new contest
  12. TTM

    TTM Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Lol year bump. :p

    I don't think a mod would enter a contest held by another mod.
  13. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    Well hes also a fr2 pro

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