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Wolfhard6's Gallery

Discussion in 'User Galleries (FR2)' started by wolfhard6, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

    Wolfhard6's Gallery | New Art!

    3-way Mountain Fury by wolfhard6(50489 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Mystic Mountain by wolfhard6(82007 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Phillip J. Fry (Lazy Art) by wolfhard6(2765 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    The Canyonlands {MTB} by wolfhard6(67238 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Tropical Trails preview by wolfhard6(42309 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    {MTB} Escape the Factory by wolfhard6(48475 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    [MTB] Rocky Roads by wolfhard6(51559 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Latest Track
    Trails of Glory! {MTB} by wolfhard6(36884 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Coming Soon
    Cloud Rider

    hope you enjoyed them :D(h)
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2013
  2. godteri

    godteri Hakuna Matata Mechanic

    Yeah! Great tracks! Haven`t played all yet, but I will. ;)
  3. 1lol1

    1lol1 Fu*k Roundhouse Piston

    Hey nice tracks my favorite is The Canyonlands {MTB}. lol I wonder why?
  4. ANAQUOD10

    ANAQUOD10 Washer

    sick man im trying them all good
  5. Elmo

    Elmo White Hat Social Engineer Assembly Line Worker

    Ahh, wtf?

    They are all really good, I liked them
    Why at the end of Mountain Trails does it say "Hopsters7" and "Z3ro 1234"
  6. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

    because hopstrers7 thought that my previous character was Z3ro 1234 so... thks for the notice Elmo ill fix that
  7. //lol//

    //lol// Mechanic

    i think The Canyonlands {MTB} was rly sweet:D <--10/10
  8. bazza The king

    bazza The king Retired... Cogwheel

    great tracks i like 3 way mountain fury the best:D
  9. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

    thnks guys. i love all your tracks too
  10. Card_Board_Box

    Card_Board_Box You know me as Box! Piston

    Your tracks are really good, you often make sweet tracks with partners, you should enter the Mountain Partner Contest, I love your tracks, and I'm judging!
  11. octavian261

    octavian261 Rising Star Bolt

    Hey, nice tracks man. I love Mystic Mountain! :D Good job so far! ;)
  12. I played all your tracks wolfhard and I think there very good(h) hopefully I`ll be as good as you some day(idk)
  13. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

    thnks ace.sparrow. and i think you can become as good as me if you keep on making tracks and practicing. thats all it takes. good luck
  14. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

    i updated it. nm. i just added a "coming soon" thing
  15. UnderOATH33

    UnderOATH33 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

  16. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

    i just made a new art. its not good art but i just felt like adding it
  17. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

    just bumping my gallery ;)
  18. BIGBLU3

    BIGBLU3 Live To Ride To Live Piston

    nice tracks man
  19. haxor

    haxor Lights is my bitch TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    If you really want to bump your gallery you should make new tracks...
  20. wolfhard6

    wolfhard6 left. sorry :( Piston

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