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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Flame-The-Biker, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Flame-The-Biker

    Flame-The-Biker WHAT Assembly Line Worker

    hi guys, just wanted to stop in and see what's up with yall and maybe talk about some new things in life and maybe rant a little bit.. im in college now!! never thought i'd see the day that this happens. i remember being on these forums back in 4th grade and just constantly thinking about how much i hated school and wondering when i'd get out of it. looks like i finally have, haha. i'm gonna be studying aviation and aeronautics, as being a pilot is super interesting to me. what are you guys studying in school? also, i got a girlfriend a while ago. weird, because i remember being so young while using these forums that i would legitimately think that girls had cooties. though, she broke up with me a while back, her family had to move away for some reason and i've been lonely ever since. i've got a new cat now, his name is billy and we love to eat salmon together hahaha. but yeah, life has been kinda smooth, no clue why the memories of this site keep coming back recently, but it'd be cool to chat with some of you all again and maybe see whats up with the newer members

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