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Discussion in 'Ask Trackmill' started by Dracophile, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Dracophile

    Dracophile VIP Member Developer

    This FAQ will guide you through the basic points of using the TrackMill community forums.

    Q. How do I upload an avatar?
    A. Go to your profile and click the picture icon in the top left of your profile. Your image must be less than 51 KB.

    Q. How do I make a signature?
    A. Click your name and it is right under Personal Details. Signatures are messages that are automatically placed at the end of your posts and can contain bold, italics, underline, links, images, quotes, and anything else you would normally be able to include in a regular post.

    Q. How do I use an image in my signature?
    A. Find the image you would like to use and copy the image URL by right clicking the image and then clicking on "Copy the Image URL". From here you just need to put [IMG]INSERT LINK HERE[/IMG]. The image will have to be uploaded to the internet so if you made your own I recommend using www.upurs.us (More Information Down the Page).

    Q. How do I fill out my profile? / How do I use a custom title?
    A. Click your name in the top right and click Personal Details. On the Edit Your Details page you can fill out your complete TrackMill forum profile.


    Q. I am trying to post a link/picture but it won't let me. Why?
    A. You need to make 10 GOOD posts before you can post links. We do this so spammers cannot post links when they join. NOTE: NOT IMPLEMENTED YET

    Q. How do I post a link?
    A. After you have 10 posts you can post a link by either directly copying the URL into your post:
    [url]http://www.google.com[/url] (URL tags are added automatically)
    - OR -
    You can use the URL tags like this to make your text clickable:
    [URL='http://www.google.com']Click here to visit Google![/URL]

    Q. How do I post an image?
    A. After you have 10 posts you can post an image by simply copying the URL of the image and placing it between IMG tags like s:eek:

    Q. How do I upload pictures to post?
    A. To upload a picture go to any image hosting website (we recommend UpUrs, owned and hosted by TrackMill). Click "Browse" and then find the picture on your hard drive and click "Upload" (some websites may say "Submit"). UpUrs will automatically give you code you can copy into your posts that will display images for you, so copy and paste it and you are good to go.

    Q. How do I take a screenshot?
    A. On your keyboard, usually beside the F12 button, there is a button called "Print Screen", "Prnt Scr", or "Print Scr / SysReq". Press this key and it will copy a picture of your screen to your clipboard. Open Microsoft Paint or your image editor of choice and Click "Edit >>> Paste". Your screenshot will be pasted in and you can crop it, add text, and save it.

    Q. I have a Mac how do I take a screenshot?
    A. Press Command+Shift+3 and it will save a copy of your screen to your desktop and you can edit it or upload it and post it.

    Q. I have a ______ how do I take a screenshot?
    A. Use a real computer? Use Google and search for your operating system and instructions for taking a screenshot.


    Q. How do I start a new thread?
    A. Click the new thread button ([​IMG]) and you can start a new discussion thread. Make sure to include a title.

    Q. How do I make a poll?
    A. While you are on the "Post New Thread" screen there is an option at the bottom of the page to "Post a Poll". Type the question you want to be answered including the responses. From there you just click create new thread and poof you have a poll.

    Q. Can I edit my poll?
    A. You can add responses but only staff members can edit polls. If you have made a mistake send a PM to a moderator (TrackMill Staff - Mod) and they can fix it for you.

    Q. How do I use Spoiler tags?
    A. Anything you place between spoiler tags will not show up unless the person reading it clicks "Spoiler". To use them do this:
    [spoiler]SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE[/spoiler]

    A. Uh oh.


    Q. What is a warning? / How many warnings get me banned?
    A. An infraction is a mark against your account that shows you have broken the rules. If you accrue five infractions you will be permanently banned from the community. Only ACTIVE infractions, ones that have not expired, count toward your limit.

    Q. How long does it take for an warning to expire?
    A. Warnings expire after 1 year.

    Q. Can anyone see if I got a warning?
    A. If the moderator edits your post that you have been warned in yes anyone can see that. Otherwise, no. Only you and the mods can see the warning.


    Q. What are warnings? / How many warnings do I need to get banned?
    A. An warning on your account means you have broken one of the forum's rules. Each warning is worth 1 point and this point will stay active on your account for 365 days (1 year) from the date it is given to you. If you have 5 ACTIVE points on your account you will be permanently banned from the forums.

    Q. What are the words under my username for? / What are post ranks?
    A. A post rank is a special title that displays under your username. Depending on the number of posts you have your title may change. Here is a list of our titles:
    • 0 - Washer
    • 20 - Bolt
    • 100 - Cogwheel
    • 250 - Piston
    • 500 - Assembly Line Worker
    • 1,000 - Mechanic
    • 2,500 - Engineer
    • 5,000 - ???

    Q. How do I add someone to my friend's list?
    A. Friend's lists no longer exist. You can now follow each other. If you want to follow someone click on their avatar and then click follow.


    Q. How do I start a new conversation with someone?(PM)
    A. Click on a users avatar and then click start conversation. Also you can click your name in the top right corner and click conversations to create a conversation with multiple people.

    Q. What is a "Gallery"? / What are "Game Galleries"?
    A. Generally speaking a "game gallery" is a thread users post in various game-related forums where they post links and pictures of their tracks/levels they have made for our various games.

    Q. How do I link my Steam account/other accounts?
    A. Hover over your name in the top right and click External Accounts. Here you can add/remove any accounts you would like. Right now we have Steam, Facebook, and Twitter integration with possibly more to come.
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