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The Worst of mla96

Discussion in 'User Galleries (iZZi)' started by mla96, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    No I don't have low self esteem, I just feel that my other levels desreve to be recognized, since without this gallery, no person could find them. Yeah, maybe the way of explaining the levels sounds like I'm depressed, but no, I'm still happy. Seriously.

    So here is the gallery you will probobly want to see the least (it didn't even deserve to get 1 smily). This gallery was only meant to showcase the levels that I feel could have been much better. Most of these levels haven`t been seen by many, but now is a chance to see them. Every level in this gallery should never have been made or even thought of. I was thinking of deleting them, but then I thought of making a gallery to put them all in. I expect a lot of 1s here, but of course you cauld rate them 10s. Let`s begin with a horrible recreation of a video game. This level had no point, and I understand why it got rated badly.

    Atari Basketball: http://trackmill.com/izzi/levels/707Next is a level that I made a long time ago. I was able to beat it with a lucky shot. Nobody has beat it exept me, but I can`t even beat it anymore. Try it first.

    The hardest level ever made: http://trackmill.com/izzi/levels/624 If you want to beat it, here`s how: Shoot the izzi ball (Is that what it is?)
    into the air at full force. If you can get the ball to hit the corner, sometimes it will sail through the hole really fast and make it up the ramp. Good luck getting it to work, it's impossible. I guess you could have called me the luckiest guy on earth that day.

    Next is a level I made in under a minute. The result was a basic level that anyone could have made.

    The minute challenge level: http://trackmill.com/izzi/levels/689Looking back, this was probobly the best level of the bunch.

    Were getting near the end, that's too bad, but next here is the only series on the gallery, it was meant to show the action of shooting the uvula with a canon. (or for the little ones: shooting the red thing in the back of your mouth that makes you barf)
    The first level turned out good. Actually, I really liked the level, but then I made a second one to show the end result. Unless you remember it's only a game and no one is really barfing, you can do it.

    Part 1:http://trackmill.com/izzi/levels/663

    Part 2: http://trackmill.com/izzi/levels/664
    Now this is the king of the worst. This level is horrible. You can't win, you can't lose. All it is, is a waste of time. I was experementing on some glitches when I found out that a canon off screne can't destroy any izzis. All it does is send them high in the air. So I tried to get an idea for a level and the only thing I could think of was a valcano. Then I made a valcano level and the end result was, well... this.

    The worst level ever made: http://trackmill.com/izzi/levels/676
    So this ends this gallery. If you didn't see the "best of mla96" yet, I suggest you check it out. My next gallery might be a part 2 of everything. But we will see. So that's it. It's done, go away now.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2011
  2. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    I think the best of your worst is probably the 'Minute Challenge Level'. That was fun. The mini volcano was really dumb...lol.
  3. _Raptor_

    _Raptor_ Trackmill Staff Mechanic

    Well you obviously have low self esteem...
  4. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    For those who don`t understand: The reason I hate the part 2 of my series is that it shows what actually happens. In part 1, your imagination tells you what will happen, if he throws up, if he dies, if he cries is all up to you, but I threw in a part 2 and now you can`t imagine what will happen, because it actually happened. I think that most people will like the part 2, but I personnaly think it ruins everything.
  5. Fashion Life

    Fashion Life Washer

    Pirates of the dream with a type of man wearing No. 2 Joseph Gordon University

    锘縏ags: star wearing a bow tie Pirates of the dream characters

    child star Joseph, the Jews, all the labels so that Joseph Gordon-Levitt extraordinary, he recently appeared in the movie guys play was great!

    gray tie Lanvin

    gray bow tie

    Joseph to comedy debut, In the natural style dress is Tie playful attitude inherent in a cynical, gray is a neutral color, hiding many possible, is a paradox, the so-called dotted course more interesting!

    gray shirt

    is a stylish gray color, gray will show advanced grasp of the overall texture. Body dressed in gray in color, it should focus level, can follow the outside light deep inside, deep within the principle of outside light. Small fine lines more solid than the easy way out.

    two button suit

    two button suit is semi-formal clothing, wearing the last one is not the Department, the sitting time to full solution open. Is not rude on the entire department, but does not meet the protocol, but sat up immediately from the top of the line is out of respect for buttons.

    wool trousers

    wool materials to make the wearer comfortable, legs in the crease will make you look more spiritual, fit the pants to avoid being smile bloated. Qi upper edge pants just the best, not like jeans, pants side can be worn as curling.

    brown shoes

    brown gray dress the whole body of flavor, a little old style that does not make perfect become perfect. Choose lace shoes to do with cute bow tie echo. More casual, like Joseph, as you can take down the shoelaces, dressing on the details of the expression.

    wunderkind idol

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt was born in an artistic family, his father Dennis Leavitt is a radio news director, her mother Jane Gordo is the daughter of director Michael Gordon. Joseph 4 years of age to enter a musical theater, and in the In 1991, the 10-year-old Joseph in the remake series Since 1996, Joseph appeared in the NBC sci-fi comedy series The late 1990s, he was still the movie the birth of an idol.

    2001 years It is during this time, Joseph completed his acting career for the change in attitude. In 2007, Joseph starred in the film Last year, actress Zooey Deschanel and co-love movie This year along with Leonardo DiCaprio starring,
  6. con

    con Administrator Staff Member Admin

    diggin the gallery title. lol
  7. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    Big Thanks to TrapperJohn for the gallery headers.

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