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The Best of mla96

Discussion in 'User Galleries (iZZi)' started by mla96, Feb 28, 2011.


Does answering polls bug you?

  1. No not really, it's cool to know what other people think.

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  2. Yeah....

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  3. I like bananas!

    6 vote(s)
  4. What's a poll?

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  1. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel


    Over 20,000 plays!

    It all started with this level: Easy but Satisfying

    And then I made all these:

    [3]Izzi Exams:

    [4]Best of the Destroy Series:

    [2]Best of Easy Levels:

    [6]Hardest Levels:
    Hardest Izzi Puzzles:
    The Hardest Izzi Puzzle 1

    The Hardest Izzi Puzzle 2
    Trick Shots Series:
    Trick Shot 1
    Trick Shot 2
    Trick Shot 3
    Harder Version of Trick Shot 3:
    Perfect Timing (and a little luck)
    By Far the hardest izzi level (and yes, it is possible):
    Mission Impossible


    [2]Epic Levels:

    [3]Best of Rolling Levels (In other terms, auto levels):

    [2]Best of Criss-Cross Towers Series:

    [2]Best of Blue Levels:

    [3]Best of Frustrating Levels:

    [2]Levels that are good, but have no catigory:
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2011
  2. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    I find it amazing that few people have noticed this gallery because the other came after it.=/:'(:(:p:confused::@(666)+o(^o)
  3. fatfry2

    fatfry2 I like fries Engineer

    What's a poll?
  4. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    I like Bananas!!
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2011
  5. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    You seem pretty dedicated to the game
  6. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    Actually, I`m not a fan of the game. I`m a big fan of the level editor. I always like to make new levels, and see how people like them. I really like that the level editor is simple to use. The only other games I would like to make levels for (and allready made) are this one, free rider 2, that puzzle game on trackmill that I can never remember the name, and a Super Mario level editor game. (My levels are on kongregate)
  7. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    That's pretty cool, did you notice that the first izzi exam is the 666 track made
  8. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    Yeah, I did, but I didn't notice at first.
  9. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    Nobody has really given their opinion, or a suggestion. It's kind of dissapointing.
  10. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    Hey nice tracks do you want me too get pics of your tracks for you?
  11. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    lol, same with my gallery.

    Nice maps though, I enjoyed them :)

    I wasn't a fan of the 1-minute things though, those just didn't seem real fun because I felt when they were made you didn't give much thought to them and just threw it together. Besides that, real nice maps :)
  12. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    Thanks, and your right, I didn't give much thought on those 1 minute tracks
  13. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    Thanks, and no, I don't really need any pictures. It's fine as it is.
  14. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    Are you sure it really is easy and I would loved to I could do it from my iPod here and everything.
  15. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    Yeah, I feel like I have a couple of maps that I just kinda flung together.
  16. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    How would you do it? Screenshots?
  17. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    I could but there's a simpler version
  18. mla96

    mla96 Cogwheel

    You know what, forget it, it doesn't need pictures. If I ever change my mind, I'll find a way. Thanks for trying to help, I really appreciate it :).
  19. Blue Banana

    Blue Banana »!UŁTiMaTΣ★WÄЯRĨØЯ!« Cogwheel

    i like bananan!!!
  20. Blue Banana

    Blue Banana »!UŁTiMaTΣ★WÄЯRĨØЯ!« Cogwheel

    banana is good :)

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