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Stasis: A New Age (Kickstarter Campaign Live Now!)

Discussion in 'Personal Projects' started by jasips, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. jasips

    jasips Piston

    here is the link to the kickstarter

    In a world where people are being oppressed and those who stand up against the regime are killed, you assume the role of a libertarian commander. You will lead people to victory and by any means necessary. You will control people to gather resources, train, and stand up against two advancing armies! We are aiming to produce a high caliber game for the PC, Xbox360, PS3, and Ouya.

    Currently we are creating this game out of a dorm room using all the resources we can get our hands on. Unfortunately three people and minimal funds is not the ideal scenario for making a good game. The $15,000 will go towards licensing for professionally made original songs, hiring of additional programmers, and all the expenses involved with making a video game a polished product, this includes keeping our team afloat. Already I have put almost $2,000 into the project and with the projected total cost being upwards of $27,500. We need this Kickstarter to make our passion to resurrect the late 90's style of an RTS game. We understand that our goal leaves a $12,500 gap but with the help of Ouya's Free the Games Fund we can create the product we dream of as well as one you can look forward to. Stasis: A New Age will be a one of a kind experience blending in many different styles to produce an entirely unique game.
    Warrior, a trainable unit. Warrior, a trainable unit.
    Together We Make Up WideEyedGames Together We Make Up WideEyedGames

    Hello world! I am Jack Sippel. I conceived of the idea to make this game in August of last year. I was watching my friend play Warcraft II a game from 1995, the year I was born. I was impressed by the re-playability. The game was almost 20 years old and he had returned to beat the game yet again. We both had games in our library that were far newer and more advanced than this game but we had no urge to return to them. I wanted to recreate that feeling. I knew exactly what he was feeling I grew up playing C&C and return to that series frequently. The itch was there and I wanted to scratch it. I began making an outline of what I wanted in the game, units, valuable resources, etc. I then came to my first road block I am not an outstanding artist, I needed someone to help me bring in the visual concepts. I then ran into Sean Tooks, who is now our Head of Character Design. He has done so much more than simply bring to life the concepts of our game, he has been a part of the entire process. He has helped shape the direction of the game for the better. Since the beginning, he has supported this project with great enthusiasm. He understands what the game is, what it should be, and what it will be.

    Then to help make our idea into a game we brought in Connor. Connor is an experienced developer and the sole person among the team who is not attending his first rodeo. This is key for us. We want to be able to brag about our work which is why we needed a Kickstarter campaign. We will not publish Stasis until we feel it is worth playing. The gamer should feel challenged, yet powerful, and most importantly have an increased heart rate. The game should be fun to watch as well as fun to play. Our primary goal is to have an addictive campaign and addictive local multi-player. Easier said than done.
    This image showcases a few of the trainable units in Stasis: A New Age This image showcases a few of the trainable units in Stasis: A New Age

    Why do we think we can achieve such a lofty goal? As with most developers, we grew up gaming and know what we like. We know what worked and what left us with a big question mark. Without the funding from Kickstarter, we could complete 6% of the game. That 6% would feature uninspired and unoriginal music, it would have one level with very few animations for the buildings, trees, and most importantly the trainable units, we could not fit in all the trainable units we have into the game, clearly this is not what we want, nor what anyone wants. As stated in the first section, this game will cost around $27,500 to create if we use our money wisely. This is why we cannot raise anything less than $15,000.

    Due to the combination of time restraints, low budget and resources we are unable to have the demo polished. We are missing animations for the characters and the animation that are there aren't nearly as smooth as we want them. We want intelligent AI's that can react to your moves as well as you do theirs. We would like for terrains that made played a part in your strategy including mountains and snow as well as interactive features such as destructible bridges. These will be present if we get funded. These are necessary aspects of the game and that is why we need your help! Alright, that’s enough of a sales pitch. In the next section we will dive into what our game is all about. It will provide a playable pre-alpha demo (can't get any earlier than that!) that will allow you to test out what we have so far for yourself!

    Below you will see a link to our pre-alpha demo. We feel you should know the gist of our game and how it feels. This is not meant to be extraordinary by any means, if it were wouldn't need the funding. It is simply so you can get a concept of what the game is about. The demo features two teams blue team vs red team. Your objective will be to gather resources such as wood and gold (rations will be added later). These resources will be used to build/train structures/ units. The structures that will be available for the demo will just be two Ore Refineries and a Barracks. Trainable Units that will require being funded include, assassin, mounted spear man, spy, engineer, air transporter, mana miner, long swordsman, . Structures that will need funding for include, farms, tripwires, moats, artillery reflector, arrow burst, and war factory. These are all things that will and must be included in the full game. This demo will simply teach you the basics of Stasis: A New Age everything is still subject to change. We feel that having a playable demo before the Kickstarter to show that we are fully committed to making our backers as well as the rest of our community. You are the testers and in order for this to be a great game, we cannot do this simply on our own. We need your support, so go ahead and test out our very little demo below and remember that appreciate everything you have done for us thus far! Enjoy! (The demo isn't quite ready yet, the 17th is our expected date thanks for your patience)
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