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Regarding Infractions

Discussion in 'Support Area' started by Moonlight, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Moonlight

    Moonlight HE'S NOT THE MESSIAH Retired Staff Retired Staff

    If you have found a post edited by me, with a red card in the bottom right corner and a PM, you have been infracted. This could be for a number of reasons. Further details will be in the post.

    What is an infraction?

    An infraction is a number of points given to you. If you receive 5 points in 2 weeks, you will receive an automated ban. This is to prevent the less noticeable people getting away with consistent spam.

    Do I have it forever?

    Infractions expire in 2 weeks. After it's expired, it remains on your record. You need 5 active points to be banned.

    How serious is it?

    It depends on the number of points and the severity of the case. Everybody does something wrong sometime, so don't get too overworked.

    If you have anymore questions, please post them here. After a week, this topic will be cleaned and locked.
  2. skierdude8

    skierdude8 Is a Free Rider 2 Mastar! Assembly Line Worker

    Well... I've got two questions:

    Have you been doing this for a while or is it something new the mods are just starting? Maybe i just never got one :p. Will you be the only one able to see the red card or will everyone?

    And you said they will remain on your record will this affect anything at all after two weeks pass?

    Could you also please list what you could get an infraction for? Some obvious ones are spamming, maybe double posting, arguing with mod.

    Is it just stuff against the rules and is it possible to get more than one infraction at a time?

    Well that was more than two questions
  3. UnderOATH33

    UnderOATH33 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    i have a question, uhh wouldnt you still have to find the spam posts? or does it just ban you automatically or im confused now? i read it and it made sense but now it makes no sense
  4. king_cat124

    king_cat124 the king of cats Cogwheel

    i got 2 because of double post kinda annoying i think they shouldnt infract you for that unless its needless
  5. Dracophile

    Dracophile VIP Member TrackMill Developer Developer

    Favorite Game:
    Bit Addiction
    Wait you guys JUST started using this system?

    Fake Edit: Moonlight get one of the Admins to make infractions never expire by default, they are easier to keep up with and also nobody is ever going to get 5 active infractions in 2 weeks; I run the official Club Penguin forums and not even we can give out that many infractions to the same 1 person, and we tried. Also from the Administrator CP make it show Infractions to moderators only so they can see who has what and how many.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2009
  6. xDS64x

    xDS64x Retired Staff Member Engineer

    No, We Have Always Had Infractions. This Really Shouldn't Be Sticky Either.
  7. UnderOATH33

    UnderOATH33 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    dont you have to power to remove stickies, sorry i know this is offtopic in a way, but anyways give me an infraction if its that important to you.. :confused:
  8. flood

    flood Washer

    Oh god I lol'd.
  9. Hodgie007

    Hodgie007 Spartanian Crombonium Piston

    you havent always had infractions... they got introduced to trackmill about last month or something...

    plus infractions are mainly used on fansites... im not obsessed with habbo or anything (its ****) but clubhabbo, flamehabbo, habbox, habbcrazy, yourhabbo and all that use infractions... theres no need for a gaming site... just carry on giving warnings.
  10. PWNer the Cat

    PWNer the Cat Sometimes back. Piston

    I'd say the last five posts in this topic would count as infractions.
  11. Hodgie007

    Hodgie007 Spartanian Crombonium Piston

    even yours?
  12. godteri

    godteri Hakuna Matata Mechanic

    No, don`t do that, if a person was a spammer, get 4 infractions, then don`t spam on a year before he/she just spam once, should he/she be banned then? I don`t think so. Maybe a month, but not forever.

    If you got an infraction for just breaking one of the rulez, people would get banned.

    Yeah, maybe the Mods should got an infraction if he/she give out infraction without a reason, and if he/she do that too many times, maybe he/she should lose their Mod-status. Not forever, but for a while. I got an infraction for a thing I still can`t find in the rulez, I don`t say it was wrong that I got the infraction, but it don`t stand in the rulez. Maybe the Mod who gave me that infraction should got an infraction, or an Admin for not putting it in the rulez. Well, over a month ago now, I`ve been a nice (I think) user after that. ;)
  13. Tim_d

    Tim_d Bolt

    What did you get an infraction for?
  14. Moonlight

    Moonlight HE'S NOT THE MESSIAH Retired Staff Retired Staff

    I always show the reason for an infraction. If you don't think you deserve to be infracted, tell me.

    You can't infract staff. -.-

    I won't infract any posts in this topic for now.

    Draco...maybe. I dunno. I'll talk to Goose.
  15. flood

    flood Washer

    What? On every forum I've been on they give out infractions.
  16. _free rider_

    _free rider_ ŤĤĖ ḾŐǛŅŤĀİŃ ĎĒŤǍĬĻĔŔ Bolt

    I know the red card is if you spam or something like that, but what's the yellow card for?
  17. Moonlight

    Moonlight HE'S NOT THE MESSIAH Retired Staff Retired Staff

    I think it's a warning.
  18. xDS64x

    xDS64x Retired Staff Member Engineer

    Don't Talk About Stuff You Have No Clue About. You Aren't A Mod....There Has Been Infractions Since I Was A Mod, Around March. So Please Stop Backseating ;). What's With Advertising Those Dumb Habbo Retros Anyways?
  19. UnderOATH33

    UnderOATH33 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    i'd lock this up, we read what we needed to answered the main questions and by a week it will be a spam convention... just my opinion
  20. godteri

    godteri Hakuna Matata Mechanic

    Maybe like in soccer.

    "Signature Rule Violation". I used a link and said it was to track nr.1, but the link was to a other site, a site were you have to go through 150 warnings, or close the window.

    I just found out that "Serious infractions will never expire."

    I mean that Mods not should just give out infraction without reason, I don`t think that gonna happen, but IF Mods do that, someone have to do something with that.

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