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Pittlax's Gallery, Fan Club Added! Check me out on Instagram!

Discussion in 'User Galleries (FR2)' started by pittlax10, Oct 17, 2010.


Do u like my Tracks

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  4. 1-3/10

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  1. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker

    Fan Club
    Get free codes from my tracks, collabs and other prizes when you join!




    The 7 Contest Round 1 *Moyyom*

    The 7 Contest Round 1 *Moyyom* by pittlax10(20708 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Canyon Run

    Canyon Run by pittlax10(23300 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Nos Energy Slopestyle

    Nos Energy Slopestyle by pittlax10(30007 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Nos Energy Slopestyle (preview)

    Nos Energy Slopestyle (preview) by pittlax10(15000 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Canyon Run [preview]

    Canyon Run [preview] by pittlax10(13353 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Cliffs of Dover

    Cliffs of Dover by Pittlax10(108381 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    Unlimited Entry

    Unlimited Entry by Pittlax10(46929 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    Snow Day (Preview2)

    Snow Day (Preview2) by Pittlax10(24798 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    A Journey On The Cliffs

    A Journey On The Cliffs by Pittlax10(156240 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    Rocky Mountain Jumps ft. EasternBiker

    Rocky Mountain Jumps ft. EasternBiker(31545 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    Mountains Ft. EasternBiker

    Mountains Ft. EasternBiker by Pittlax10(32346 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    Pittlax10 Hold "Z"

    Pittlax10 Hold "Z" by Pittlax10(1505 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    Wheelchair Cave Auto

    Wheelchair Cave Auto by Pittlax10(12398 Chars) Play TrackPreview Track

    Rocky Livin'

    Rocky Livin' by Pittlax10(32675 Chars)Play TrackPreview Track

    Other Tracks
    Rocky Pathway *TBC* by pittlax10(10688 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    short BMX wheelie (preview) by pittlax10(6244 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    R1 Cloud by pittlax10(3035 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    T.B.E. Fan's Contest Round 1 by pittlax10(99175 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Practice by pittlax10(18009 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Rocky Livin' by pittlax10(32675 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    R3 Battle Of The Tracks by pittlax10(16273 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Wheelie 999 entry by pittlax10(15908 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    R2 Snowflake by pittlax10(6095 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Flow Contest R1 by pittlax10(11823 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Andy Pro's Contest Round 1 by pittlax10(23366 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Blob Tunnel "Hold Z" by pittlax10(3969 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Collab w/ Jake (preview) by pittlax10(11792 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Battle of the Tracks Round 1 by pittlax10(22009 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    R3 Meteor Shower by pittlax10(5559 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Battle of the Tracks R2 by pittlax10(4676 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track
    Fusion R1 by pittlax10(3837 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Free Code:
    -18 1i 18 1i,-1b 1i -1b 1q 1a 1q 3h 1l,1a 1k 25 1i 37 1f 46 1a 54 14,6s l 7k b 89 -1 8t -f 9d -t,55 13 6s k,3c 1l 4k 1b 6l s 84 8 9h -p 9a -s,3t -4d 51 -4j 5r -5i 5v -71 5g -8c 4i -9j 3g -al 27 -b9 14 -be 1 -bg,1h -be 1j -cm 14 -e6 g -fb -m -gh -23 -ha -3m -hk -5d -hk -6u -h9 -80 -gf -8s -fa -9b -e2 -9c -cs -8t -bp -82 -as -75 -a6,-89 -b0 -8v -9s -9h -8d -9q -72 -9r -5j -9q -3q -9i -20,-9t -3b -al -23 -b4 -p -b9 m -b0 27 -ae 3r -9j 59,-ar 2p -bk 41 -c1 5p -bt 7k -b5 98 -9u aq -8c c0 -6i ck -4s cj -3n c2 -2s b5,-42 c8 -2l cl -15 cr f cq 20 cg 3h bv 4t b8,48 bm 5e b9 6l af 7h 9a 7v 7r 7u 6e 6r 59 59 54 3p 5d 28 5f i 58,27 5d 2d 4b 1m 3c e 2t -12 2q -2f 31 -3k 39,-1r 2t -2n 1u -37 m -39 -k -34 -1v -30 -3i,-35 -1h -1l -1v -e -2l i -3h 1d -4q,t -40 1t -44 2o -4d,2k -4c 3e -4s 46 -5c,45 -4f 39 -4f,38 -4h 2t -4h,-d 1p -n 2p,-7 1r -h 2s,26 1o 3j 5b,2e 1o 3r 5e,8v -3 6f 57,6n 5b 9e -j,8v 1 97 -l,ff -1q gm -19 i8 -t kc -n m2 -q nt -12 pn -1h re -24 t0 -2r ue -3k vt -4q 113 -64 126 -7g 136 -8s 13v -a8 14h -be 150 -cn 157 -do 15d -ep,17s -jh 181 -ia 18d -gm 18t -f2 19n -d3 1ak -be 1bt -9r 1de -8d 1f5 -75 1gv -62 1iq -54 1kl -4d 1mh -3p 1oc -3c 1q4 -34,12 -43 5 -v 1a -45,2g -4a m -s 34 -4n,3q -4f 17 -14 4c -4i,50 -4m 1n -11 4j -4i,0 -34 -8 -s 7 -39,203 -1m 21g -1h 22u -1e 24c -1h 25u -1p 276 -26,271 -22 27v -2l 290 -3k 29v -51 2ao -6k 2b8 -8i 2bd -an 2b8 -cc,1s9 1p 1sa 34 1sf 4j 1sm 5u 1sv 7a 1tb 8u 1tu am 1uv ce 205 e6 216 fg 22b gn 23l hr 251 ir 26e jq 27r kk 29m lk 2bg mf 2d8 n4,39g 1a1 3ao 1ah 3cb 1b4 3ef 1bm 3gf 1c1 3im 1cb 3l2 1cf 3nf 1cc 3pp 1c1 3ru 1be,-14 -2e -c -k -19 -27,-1u -1v -c -b -25 -1s,4eu 1a9 4g8 1aq 4i1 1b7 4k4 1bf 4lp 1bg 4ni 1bc 4pd 1b4 4r6 1al 4sr 19u 4ub 193 4vo 184 510 171 521 15p 530 14f 53q 131 54g 11h 555 vv 55n uc 566 so 56g r3 56m pd 56p nm 56q lv,56r m7 56o la 56m kc,37i 1u4 371 1vo 36b 21a 350 22q 334 23s 31g 24j 2vp 254 2u1 25d 2sb 25f 2qm 25b 2ok 24v 2mp 249 2l6 23a 2jm 229 2ib 214 2h3 1vu 2ft 1um 2eo 1tf 2dp 1s9 2d1 1r8 2ca 1q5 2bo 1p8 2b7 1oc 2ao 1ni 2ac 1mt,2p9 1c1 2nh 1c5 2ln 1c0 2js 1bi 2i8 1at 2gm 1a1 2f0 18s 2d8 17j 2bm 16m 29r 160 27r 15k 25p 15i 23o 15t 21s 16j 207 17j 1ur 18p 1ts 1a3 1t3 1bv 1so 1dr 1sn 1fn 1sm 1hj 1sh 1jk 1s1 1l7 1r5 1mq 1pq 1o6 1o8 1pa 1mg 1q2 1kl 1qg 1ir 1qk 1h6 1q8 1fc 1p6 1du 1nk 1cr 1lq 1c3 1jq 1bp 1i7 1bi 1gg 1be 1ep 1bd 1d0 1be 1b5 1bi 196 1bo 176 1bt 155 1c0 131 1c1 10s 1c0 um 1c0 sg 1bv q9 1bl o2 1au ls 19p jn 18f hi,17h f9 179 cv 17a ak 16o 83 15d 5h 143 30,2p3 1c2 2qd 1c0 2ro 1bt 2t6 1bp 2uc 1bl,17g f8 18f hj,1s9 1q 1s6 12 1s5 b 1s4 -b,vs -15 vq -3,vt -15 10r -1p,vt -n 10t -1f,114 -1g 114 -n,115 -1b 11o -2e,11t -1k 12f -2b 12a -2l 11u -1u,11u -1q 122 -r 13a -21,13i -2d 143 -3b 13b -31,13b -2v 13i -24 154 -34,122 -8 119 c 11f r,11f s 12s -2,133 -u 13a -3 143 -m,143 -n 13q -1k 131 -s,14g -24 14i -s,14i -1d 146 -1b 148 -s 14o -10,14s -11 15b -1d 151 -1n 14q -16 157 -n 169 -10,16f -3t 178 -1b,17k -u 175 -m 173 -10 17h -15 17i -10#-i -5r -2f -7k,0 -84 -3a -9e,-40 -7v -75 -6d,-37 -68 -5s -5e,-1r -55 -4a -4e,-4l -44 -5d -2s,-3u -36 -51 -1a,-6m -38 -83 -1k,-5e -47 -80 -4c,-7p -57 -98 -5r,-8n -6c -7m -86,-75 -81 -5i -9t,-4k -92 -30 -9l,-1j -86 -4 -7i,a -5j 2v -7f,-19 -41 n -5c,29 -5r 3k -62,4n -6a 4u -7i,45 -8e 2l -9r,29 -8o -n -ae,-1l -b0 -4q -d6,-4s -b7 -7e -c5,-7h -d4 -6h -e9,-5l -dn -3s -ga,-5j -d3 -3r -c5,-1g -dg -2t -f0,-q -bs -2t -cq,-2r -dl -3m -eq,-b -ec b -d4,-o -ci -1c -d8,-3 -d8 -19 -fc -2p -g2,-3f -gu -4i -h0,-4s -gs -61 -gc,-6g -ft -7f -ev,-7u -eh -85 -dn,-88 -a7 -8f -8s,-8d -3t -8m -26,-5b -2f -69 -15,-17 -38 -2h -2k,-3s -12 -41 -9,-3c -ap -4u -af,-1c -a4 v -8o,-8 -at -1j -au,1d -af 2l -91,-93 -e -9d 12,-7h -10 -8m 9,-95 -1k -ai f,-5j -13 -5v 18,-46 -12 -5b 1a,-3i -1c -41 1u,-9u 1i -9f 3s,-8h 18 -83 31,-70 r -6q 3d,-5i 26 -67 3g,-4s 2f -5l 4j,-3c 2b -4p 3l,-2p 2g -38 2s,-ae 4h -ab 5e,-b4 46 -b9 5o,-as 5u -9n 6n,-8h 46 -7f 57,-7p 31 -6o 4c,-5s 4r -6h 6a,-8n 5t -83 6h,-88 52 -7a 6c,-98 6r -93 8i,-ae 8e -9g 99,-aq 78 -bc 6m,-82 78 -72 8o,-53 60 -3r 5p,-46 4g -3m 49,-67 6h -43 7f,-5e 83 -3m 8b,-43 6a -2c 5p,-38 50 -17 46,-2p 3l -16 39,-9 3b s 3g,-14 3v -g 4j,0 3s -4 5a,1g 3t 0 59,1j 4l 11 4t,-6 63 -17 7i,-1q 5t -2j 71,-1c 54 3 62,i 62 1s 6a,2j 62 3i 62,-29 7g -2k 89,-66 97 -4b 9e,-3a 96 -2a 9g,-6o 9l -56 a7,-80 9q -6o ao,-69 7q -69 91,-9p a5 -85 ap,-8n 9q -7u a9,-7a at -5i b0,-45 ao -20 aj,1q 74 -4 7n -14 8g,-17 8c -q 99,m 8j 8 92,-1m 8l -19 9e,3m 6s 28 8j,1n 81 1n 92,4p 6n 61 6v,53 5n 6g 6b,6p 6i 6p 7i,5d 7q 44 87,60 8j 55 99,3t 8v 2l ad,-6o c1 -52 bq,-4t bn -43 bb,-1o b0 -h au,-j a3 u a3,13 9j 21 au,-e bi h bb,2d b5 4k as,57 ak 5s a8,-1h bs -1 bs,n c3 29 bn,6p 97 7n 7v#B 1s7 1r 8e,B vp -4k cl,B 2b6 -cb kj,B 54m oe e0,B 54j mp e2,T 14l 2l,O 146 1n,B 2c0 16s i6,B 2ap 16a i0,B 29m 15s hp,B 286 15n hg,B 26u 15m gv,B 25c 15i g7,B 241 15r g5,B 22u 166 fo,B 21f 16l fp,B 202 17q fl,B 1uq 18r fi,B 1u4 19o f3,B 1tl 1ar ej,B 1t3 1bs en,B 1ss 1dc eb,B 1sm 1ee e5,B 20p 178 g6,B 1bn 18h l0,B 1bl 16o kv,B 1bv 151 k3,B 1c6 134 js,B 1c7 113 jn,B 1c2 sc jl,B 1bp q9 jh,B 1bs on jk,B 1bh nk jg,B 1b5 mk j4,B 1as lh j8,B 177 c3 ji,B 177 9n jj,B 16d 7g iv,B 16u 8h j9,B 15o 6a ij,B 17d b0 jo,B 157 57 j7,B 1a1 k8 hd,B 19a iu j3

    Free Code:
    -18 1i 18 1i,-a 1k -o e -1m -q -36 -1q -50 -27,-5k -2d -6n -2c -85 -2a -9k -25 -b5 -1t -cq -1j -ef -19 -g7 -t,-i9 -s -jb -n -kh -b -lu 7 -n7 t -om 1r -q5 37 -rh 4v -s6 6j -sg 8d -sl a8 -sn c3 -sl du,-s8 gd -rm hc -ql ig -pd jf -nk kb -ln kp -jj kv -hf kv -fd ki -dk jr -c4 ip -ap hj -9l g9 -8m er -82 da -7p bm -7i a2,l 6f 1b 6f 1g 5p,-1g 8f -14 90 -i 8h,5e eg 6a fi 7m gi 9g h9 b6 hg cv hj,du hd ep hf fs he h3 h6 ib gh jb fi k6 e8 kl ck kl ap jt 8p iv 77 ho 5n g2 4b e1 38,e4 3c d3 34 br 32 al 38 9e 3l 8a 49 79 52 6b 5s,-dg no -eo ob -gi p2 -if pk -kd pu -mh q4 -o7 q2 -pt pr -ri pe -t5 ot -uu nq -10e mg -11s l3,-1eo d9 -1fc d9 -1fe cg,-1e6 iq -1e4 jb -1bt jb -1bp ij,-1di jq -1di k5,-1di jo -1d5 jo -1d5 jt -1dg jv,-1cu jr -1cu k5,-1cu k7 -1cf k7,-1c2 jo -1c2 k5,-1bo jo -1bo k5 -1bf k5 -1bf jo -1bo jo,-1cs k4 -1cs k9##T -1c5 j5,T -1dd it,B -1fq af 0,B -r 14 cs,G -k 13 ln,G -nd 12 hh,B -sm b9 jk,G -lr kq e6,G -9m h0 bc,G -68 40 g2,B -72 2q g4,B -67 2b g0,B -83 37 g7,B 7u gv ga,B 8j hc g1,G 68 g9 eo,G fc ia e3,G jg gj c6,G l2 cr be,G l0 9q lk,G je 69 l8,G gr 3k kd,G bp 2f jm,G 8s 2r ig,B jr eq e7,B j1 fl ef,B kp cu e1,G -137 jg gp,B -1gh cu e4,B -1fq cv mg

    -18 1i 18 1i,-a 1j -n 7 -15 -17 -1l -2r -27 -4i -3q -f5,-3 1h k 7 18 -1a 1q -2p,1q -2l 4v -ct,-9g 46 -9e 4q -8n 4k -8n 3p,-d5 44 -da 5g -da 76 -d3 8o -ck a2 -bu bc -b5 cp,-au bv -a9 cu -9q du -9g f1 -9a g5 -97 h3,-9r h7 -9g ia -90 jd -85 ke -6t le -5g m2 -3t mj,-3s lr -2u m6 -1o mn -g nd k o5,6 ol 1a p6 2m pm 4g q6 6m ql 8k qt an r2 cu r2 f5 qv hb qo ji qf,mh rl n2 s1 na ri,pe tg pt t7,sd 12t ss 134 t7 12m,po 140 s3 13p,om 15l p4 15s pj 15l,v4 1lh 10h 1m8,196 1r0 19g 1rb,19g 1rd 1bg 1qu 1be 1qb##T 18u 1sf,T 18l 1se,T 18l 1sc,T 191 1s5,T 196 1rv,T 19j 1rr,T 19o 1re,T 19l 1r6,T 19n 1r4,T 19q 1r1,T 1a1 1qt,T 1ah 1qo,T 1b2 1ql,T 1b0 1qj,T 1av 1qj,T 1ab 1qq,T 1a1 1qt,T 1a4 1qt,T 1aj 1qs,T 1ae 1qq,T 1a7 1qq,T 19s 1qv,T 19e 1r1,T 19j 1qv,T 1at 1ql,T 1b5 1qs,T 1b9 1r9,T 1b0 1rc,T 19v 1rh,T 19t 1rj,T 1ac 1rj,T 1b2 1rh,T 1b5 1ro,T 1av 1s0,T 1a7 1s9,T 19s 1s7,T 19q 1s2,T 19v 1rt,T 1a7 1rq,T 1ao 1rh,T 1b9 1rg,T 1ba 1rg,T 1b9 1rm,T 1b0 1rr,T 1ah 1s0,T 19l 1rv,T 19i 1rr,T 19o 1rj,T 1aq 1rg,T 1b5 1rg,T 1b0 1rr,T 1ao 1s4,T 19q 1s5,T 19q 1rv,T 1a2 1rr,T 1al 1rt,T 1b4 1rm,T 1b9 1rg,T 1b7 1rg,T 1b2 1rh,T 1av 1rj,T 1aj 1rr,T 1ag 1s2,B -gt -111 4a,B vm 1ls 13,B o9 188 3t,B b2 -t1 7,B b4 -sn b8,B b4 -sl 9,B b4 -sv 4,B bc -sv b8,B b2 -sj b,B b2 -si b8,B as -sg d,B c4 -sr 6b,B c0 -t1 5k,B bh -t3 5p,B bj -tg 69,B bg -ta 6j,B b4 -t5 6a,B b6 -t6 6b,B bb -t6 71,B bg -t3 6o,B bb -ss 6j,B c0 -sh 7n,B bv -sp 69,B bm -sk 6i,B bm -su 6m,B bb -ss 5k,B bq -tf 7a,B b1 -tb 61,B bb -tv 6g,B bo -tl 6v,B au -ta 74,B bb -tl 6k,B bi -t3 7a,B be -sm 6f,B c2 -sc 6n,B bt -sr 6d,B bo -sn 69,B bl -t3 6t,B be -td 71,B b9 -tl 7d,B -5 -7b 3,B 1 -6o 4,B 1 -6n b8,B -2 -6d o,B -7 -69 h,B 8 -6o b5,B -2 -7j 9,B 0 -7a i,B 0 -7v j,B -1 -72 6,B 4 -74 2,B -1 -5v 9,B 5 -5v b8,B 0 -60 b,B 8 -5d as,B -6 -5f b8,B 4 -5i 5,B 5 -48 1,B 6 -50 6,B 0 -4s 5,B -2 -4l a,B 0 -49 2,B 1 -3m 1,B 6 -3h 7,B 8 -39 5,B 7 -3a b,B a -3r o,B 4 -3j 4,B 0 -3b g,B 1 -36 b8,B 3 -3h 7,B 6 -22 6,B 9 -21 6,B b -1q b8,B 9 -1a 2,B 2 -11 3,B 1 -14 b6,B -8 -1c 1,B 3 -2u b5,B 5 -2q b4,B 5 -2l b6,B 4 -2g b6,B 0 -25 0,B -3 -2b 0,B -5 -1v a,B 0 -1o b7,B -b -u b1,B -2f -5f aq,B 29 -3l r,B 22 -3e 14,B 27 -3e p,B 2f -4a 64,B 2f -3l b8,B 2h -3t o,B 24 -2t g,B 1v -34 k,B 2c -3t j,B 2c -2o 8,B 2a -2t b,B 25 -2e h,B 29 -1s 6,B 20 -28 h,B 29 -2g b8,B 22 -2i e,B 1q -1v a,B 1q -21 d,B 1j -1f e,B 1j -1k g,B 1t -1b e,B -2m -4r b7,B -2t -4p 1,B -29 -47 ar,B -27 -3o au,B -2e -3e b3,B -2j -49 b6,B -2m -4m b5,B -2e -52 at,B -2t -4u 6,B -2q -4r b1,B -2v -4h b6,B -2b -3o ab,B -2h -3t ar,B -20 -3d b8,B -1t -2l b6,B -20 -2l b8,B -24 -2v b8,B -20 -34 b1,B -1h -2g aq,B -1q -1r b5,B -1g -23 b1,B -1c -1f at,B -1l -1a b5,B -1g -o b2,B -1e -r as,B -1h -13 b3,B -11 -e am,B -17 4 b6,B -o 12 ap,B -q h b5,B -v 0 b,B -1b j b5,B -12 4 5,B -14 h b8,B 1i -r m,B 1i -u o,B 16 -p 1b,B 18 -15 r,B 11 -e j,B 16 -j p,B 14 -e o,B n -5 q,B 11 -5 1n,B 1d -9 g,B q f s,B v 2 k,B u m i,B q t p,B k 10 o,B -l 15 as

    250 point wheelie with glitch:
    -13 u -k 2d -4 3n,-m 26 -7 38 3 3t,-13 v -h 2h 3 3s,2 3p j 4h 1c 58,1e 5b 2i 5n,4n 6n 5c 6q 5h 5u,34 8t 34 9a 3j 9d,5n bs 68 c9 6q ck,5o bt 6t ce,8q dh 9d di 9i da,1g hd 11 hq 1l id,1l ie 26 i4,3k jp 3n kl 3v kq,5r rc 5r rr 6m rp 6j r4,4l sc 4q si 5e sh 59 s3,p 12j s 14h 1i 14d 1g 124##B 16 14g 5k,B 16 14g 5h,B 8r ep 8h

    -10 33 -t 4b -m 5n,-r 4s -f 5t -9 6h -p 53,-a 64 l 6r v 72,u 72 -e 5r -12 4t,-u 4o -e 60 -u 4j -12 2p,1u 7s 2t 8g 53 9c,57 9c 6s 9j,7h 9s 8n a3,ac b4 bf bg,bg bh bp bk c1 bu,c1 c0 c4 c8,bj at br b2 ca bc,dj e1 du es ed fr f2 gm,fk hn g5 ii,gl jd h7 kd,gr jr hi ku,h6 kl gm je,i7 m8 ii mv j3 nj,j3 nl k3 o4,q4 th qr th qv t0,og 18c ol 19d s3 19f s3 187,p1 1be p4 1ad p4 1a6,ps 1a5 pj 1a6 pg 1ai pt 1an q1 1b9,pv 1b9 pj 1bb pn 1as,po 1aq pt 1ab,qb 1a3 qq 1aa ql 1b9 qq 1ab qc 1a3,pt 1a6 pt 1ag##

    Andy Pro
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  2. Forlorn333

    Forlorn333 d3cornlorn999 TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Lol well Scip didn't do such a great job because there are no links or pics.
  3. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker


    na i submitted it wrong haha
  4. Scipion

    Scipion bezt trukmall membr Engineer

    hmmm,some parts are still messy.
  5. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker

    ya i guess haha
  6. Scipion

    Scipion bezt trukmall membr Engineer

    i don't know what are you doing,the links are messed up.i will ask a mod to fix it.

    Edit:i asked download and shwayze to do it,so we will see.
    Edit 2: he did it,except he didn't centered it and made titles bigger and stuff.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2010
  7. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker

    thank you scipion
  8. Laker

    Laker Piston

    nice not bad
  9. Pure_Style

    Pure_Style I'm unknown... for now Piston

    good tracks? why do u want to collab so much? you should work on a good solo
  10. Laker

    Laker Piston

    true, then more people will want to collab! :thumbs:
  11. The Stratoracer

    The Stratoracer © 2008 - 2011 Mechanic

    You're tracks are smooth but I felt nothing. No originality whatsoever.
  12. loganmillar

    loganmillar Washer

    my track copy then paste when load.

    check this out -26 -68 -26 3e 4c 3e au 5k fu 5k hq 5k hq 4c,42 a 42 -68 -26 -68,0 -1s 42 -1s,0 -1s -26 -1s,-a -5k -o -56 -11 -4k -t -41 -d -3k 4 -3f f -3q j -4b,0 -4c 18 -4c,2q -5k 2b -54 20 -4f 1q -3s 2c -3f 2v -39 3d -3l 3j -47 3g -4r 3a -5d,em 5k hq 4c,om 5k 122 5k 1dk 5k,om 5k om 4c se 5k,1aq 5k 1dk 4c 1dk 5a 1dk 5k,1l4 5k 2ci 5a,1l4 5k 1l4 4c 1pg 5k,27s 5a 2ci 3e 2ci 5a,2ms 5a 3gg 5a 3jk 5a 3jk -6i 3gq -6i,2ms 5a 2ms 3o 2r8 5a,3gg -6i 3ai -6i 38m -6i,3gg -6i 3gq -6i,38m u 3gg u 3jk u,390 -6i 34u -6i,38m u 358 u 34u u 34u -6i,37e -5u 36o -5j 36e -51 36e -48 36n -3k 375 -35 37p -2s 38b -2e 38h -1q 386 -16 37q -l 378 -6 36k 4,39k -5u 39o -52 39p -43 39r -37 39s -2h 39t -1t 39t -18 39u -k 39u -1,38m -2q 39d -2q 3a3 -2q 3al -2p,3ai -2q 3b3 -2q,3co -5a 3c7 -4j 3bq -3u 3bg -34 3ba -29 3bb -1g 3bk -n 3c9 -c 3d2 -b 3dk -s 3e2 -1f 3e9 -26 3e6 -2v 3dv -3m 3di -49 3d2 -4o 3ck -58,3f8 -5k 3f8 -4r 3f8 -46 3f8 -3h,3f8 -2o 3f8 -20 3f8 -1b 3f8 -i,3f8 -5k 3fs -5k 3ge -5e 3gu -51 3ha -4h 3hf -3t 3gu -3d 3gb -32 3fk -34,3f8 -3o 3f8 -26,3fi -34 3f8 -34,3g6 -34 3fi -34#-34 -76 -34 4c 5a 4c 50 -76 -34 -76#T 3f8 4c,T li 1s,T 1hc 26,T 2hs 1i
  13. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker

    cool its a good start
  14. Laker

    Laker Piston

    i think that you need to do this and stop focussing on a collab for now and work on a big solo so that people will want to collab w/you
  15. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker

    yo everyone plz try my maps and rate good becuase since i put this up the ratings have gonnee downnnn
  16. The Stratoracer

    The Stratoracer © 2008 - 2011 Mechanic

    But, I'm not doing any solo projects right now.
  17. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker

    yo i'm making a track for the ultimate track contest so if you guys wanna give me any ideas i kinda have one so farr...
  18. bestrackcreator

    bestrackcreator Pretty dirty. Washer

    dude dirty..
  19. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker

    thanks man..
  20. pittlax10

    pittlax10 Hopefully I be pro soon.. Assembly Line Worker


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