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North Korea

Discussion in 'Serious Business' started by deltacon, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. con

    con Administrator Staff Member Admin

    id like to start out saying that a lot of the "documentaries" you all may or may not have seen and completely one sided. this meaning that its meant to make north korea look bad. one thing some of you font realize is that communism is not a completely bad thing. especially if they have been practicing it for so long. (i know, your like, communism is a terrible thing, but its not. bad leaders make it a bad thing, and that is what tends to happen with communist states.) that being said, the reason we think north Korea look like a terrible place is because we live in westernized countries. we practice capitalism, and live in free (for the most part) countries. North Koreans don't, so they are used to how they live. (kind of like a 'they're not treated bad, were just treated amazing' thing)
    i personally think if North Korea were to implement small based capitalism in their country, they would get screwed harder than the USSR did post cold war. so we dont want that, nobody wants that.
    also, you all have to realize why kim jong-il and his kin are praised so heavily. see, his dad (kim il-sung) is noted as the 'father of north Korea'. he was a good leader, and people respected him. when he died, his son took over and the people respected and followed him like they did his father. what they didnt realize is how different of a leader he was in comparison to his father. (same goes for kim jong-il's son.) i also like to compare Kim jong to Stalin, because they both were born out side of their country and were both bad leaders.
    just a little history lesson for you all i guess. id hope this will give you a more balanced look at the country and its standing. also, don't believe what you see on tv kiddies :gsereally:

    just to make something clear, I absolutely love talking about stuff like this (history is my thing, especially anything to do with communism and stuff like that.) that being said, im not saying that im in love with korea. i think their instable, but i also think too many people have the wrong idea about them. i just felt like i should tall you guys a thing or two. i might pop in again to continue on this post or whatever, but yea.

    on a side note, North Korea has a beautiful capital. probably one of the nicest ones ive ever seen. i know, i know, it was created just for show and to show people that there's nothing really wrong with north korea, but they did a damn good job at it. you should really look it up (pyong-yang or however you spell it.) im sure there's a couple vids on youtube about it.

    yes- acording to the domino theory; 'once one south asian country fell to communism, they all would. and this was completely true. see, a major practice of communism was world-wide revolution toward communism, thats why the united states and other countries were so determined to stop it.

    edit: my god, i wrote a lot more than i thought i did. :x
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2012
  2. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Am I the only one whos surprised that people are surprised by this? this isn't anything new guys.
  3. spacemonkey

    spacemonkey Piston

    not really that not possible
  4. Voldermortz

    Voldermortz you never know Mechanic

    i always thought the capital was seoul. is that south korea?
    the korean war was fascinating, its a wonder how another war didnt break out during that time, there was a point where it was basically communism (china, nk, russia) vs the capitalism (the whole of the UN), i always wonder why nothing further happened
  5. Isenki

    Isenki Elite Pro CEO Master God VIP of Trackmill Retired Staff Retired Staff

    The red stuff is what I take issue with. Where did you get your info?

    Also, http://www.vice.com/the-vice-guide-to-travel/vice-guide-to-north-korea-1-of-3
  6. deltacon

    deltacon Mechanic

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    Free Rider 2
    Well yeah! But I thought a thread about this would get interesting.
  7. Isenki

    Isenki Elite Pro CEO Master God VIP of Trackmill Retired Staff Retired Staff

    And it has. Good topic choice.
  8. deltacon

    deltacon Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    Thanks .
  9. Deezy1337

    Deezy1337 I'm lonely, LF sext buddy TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    North Korea is totally blurred out on Google Maps [:
  10. deltacon

    deltacon Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    I bet .
  11. Eli bloodthirst

    Eli bloodthirst August MOTM 2013 Engineer

    The moon landing I'm not sure about but the other two definitely happened.
  12. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    oh no, it was a good topic, but all these other people like "wow there's evil in the world! =O"

    Not if you do it right >=}
  13. Isenki

    Isenki Elite Pro CEO Master God VIP of Trackmill Retired Staff Retired Staff

  14. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    Well, I might be going out on a limb here, but...
    ...is the communist theory all that wrong?

    Honestly, my opinion is that communism sounds like a great idea of living, if it was applied to the right people somehow. There's always the example of a teacher grading under the idea of 'everything equal', and averages the class's finals to get the score for everyone. Sooner or later, people are going to stop working as hard because they realize they'll just be supporting the lazy people if they do, since the grades are averaged and distributed equally.
    I realize the human mind does not work like this, but is it possible to apply this to a country that is full of hard workers, and people who realize if they do this they'll be supporting each other? It seems to me, communism applied to the right group of people will definitely grow that group/country to a higher standard of living, if no one slacks.
  15. Isenki

    Isenki Elite Pro CEO Master God VIP of Trackmill Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Yes, communism would work well in a world populated exclusively by conscientious, dedicated, unselfish workers. I don't think it will even have a chance until technology has advanced to the point where we have infinite free energy and racism, sexism, and all the other -isms are forgotten. That is to say, a fantasy land. Presumably, by that time we will also have flying pig dispensers.
  16. synapse

    synapse Plan-OH! Bolt

    Communism works.. on paper. In the real world, it doesn't. People who are all equal with no chance to get special treatment will not at up to any special feats. Why would a scientist that never discovers anything get the same pay as the scientist who cured cancer? This was the mine set of people in communist societies. Now with capitalism, creates competition, and the natural progression to greatness.
    Communism will work perfectly with a utopian society, but that will never come to existence.
  17. con

    con Administrator Staff Member Admin

    about everything you highlighted was just my opinion. :p but as for the facts and knowledge i have of north korea (and communism) i have gotten them from my history professor and my uncle. (which lived in soviet Russia before it fell.)
  18. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    [SIZE="-7"]hey look guys it's cons sister =D[/SIZE]
  19. nonamebadger

    nonamebadger IWasBornAPoorBlackChild Assembly Line Worker

    hai, look guise itz an attenshyun seekah!

    -serious business only. con
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  20. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    stricktly no spamming in the serious part of the forums, plz contribute at least a little next time, or you may be banned from this section =]

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