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New ranking system! Goose, please see this!

Discussion in 'Support Area' started by spartankid, Mar 18, 2014.


Should this ranking system be added to trackmill?

  1. Yes!!

  2. No.

  3. Maybe...

  4. Don't know don't care.

  1. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    Hello everyone! I've come up with a new ranking system that will include everyone that has a high score on any of the eight games that track high scores on Trackmill. It will merge everyone into one rankings that would be called the "Overall Rankings" or something like that. I would like to see this eventually posted somewhere on Trackmill where it will update automatically when someone gets a high score. That's where goose comes in :) If you like this goose, It would be awesome if you could add this to the site. The eight games that I included in this system are the following:

    Cat Ninja
    Maximum Frustration 2
    Derpy Shape Game
    Steel Superstructure
    Free Wires
    Bit Addiction.

    Why these games? Because they are the only ones that currently track high scores.

    Here's how it works. The most simple way to explain it is a mathematical formula: (This part is mostly for goose btw)

    HSP = (100/BHS) * PHS

    HSP = High Score Percentage. Basically saying how close you are to reaching the BHS in the form of a percent.
    BHS = Best High Scores. The person with the most high scores in a game owns the BHS.
    PHS = Personal High Scores. That's how many high scores you have.

    I hope that makes sense to at least goose lol. Here's the next formula:

    OTP = (HSPa + HSPb + HSPc + HSPd + HSPe + HSPf + HSPg + HSPh) / 8

    OTP = Overall Trackmill Percent for an individual player.
    HSP = High Score Percentage (For each game. a, b, c... is to represent each game)

    And "OTP" are the percentages you are about to see that actually make the rankings.

    I used this system because I found it to be the most accurate. Even if you just went by adding up your high scores on all of the games, the rankings would be close to the same. But some games are much harder to get high scores than others, so that's why I used this system instead.

    Finally! The current "Top 10 Rankings for all of Trackmill". While the rankings are not added onto the website by goose, I will manually update it once a week to this post using my Microsoft Excel program I made for it. (It's saves me tons of time) If nobody likes it and thinks it's dumb, I won't keep updating it on here, but I will on my personal computer.

    Here they are! Remember, I have not included everyone on trackmill yet. There are just too many. I've only added the people that are somewhat good. (Yes I'm Number 1 right now, look at the games and you will see why)

    1. spartankid (51.27%)

    2. awesome rider22 (30.86%)

    3. Ghoster Boy (18.28%)

    4. Cornelias (17.74%)

    5. harrisrwe (13.78%)

    6. kinger45 (13.10%)

    7. thepage (12.85%)

    8. purple platypus (12.75%)

    9. deezy1337 (12.71%)

    10. trippy Myst (12.52%)

    There it is! I hope you guys like it, I've put a lot of time into it. I'm hoping this will cause people to be more active on maybe not just one or two games, but all of them!

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Muzik Bike :D

    Muzik Bike :D Coloraze World Champion(nobody cares) Engineer

    Favorite Game:
    +1 for this idea
  3. awesome rider22

    awesome rider22 Myself Bolt

    Yay I'm #2 I like this system lol
  4. con

    con Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Interesting. I always thought the high score system should be universally integrated. Although I understand what you mean about some games being harder to get high scores on than other, I feel an equation really equal out any playing grounds. I don't see why just adding up your high scores and totaling it out wouldn't work as well. If I were to go about it, I would like to have all high scores have a number value on a scale of 1st - 10th place. 1st would get 11 points, and 10th would get 1 point. That would just be some simple adding that would work equally as well.

    Just to be clear, i'm not saying your math wont work, I'm just saying theres no reason to make it difficult. thanks for the idea!
  5. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    That is a good idea! But my only concern with that would be games like Derpy Shape Game. If you get one high score you will be in 7th or 6th place, giving you a lot of points. Whereas if you get 100 high scores on a very hard game (In my opinion) like Coloraze, you still won't be in the top ten. The "equation" I gave could actually be said a lot easier to make it simple too. We'll take Derpy Shape Game as an example. The highest ranked person has 339 high scores (me, lol).

    So we divide 100 by 339, then multiply your high scores by that, getting your percentage for that game. Do that with all of the games and find the average of them all. That's all! I divide with the number 100 because that makes the result a percent.

    That way, you can't just get one high score and get 4-5 points. Your idea would be the best option, if every game was really popular.

    No matter how it's done, I just think it would be cool to see something like this in the near future. I love stats lol.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  6. con

    con Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Yeah I think it all depends on how popular the game actually is. Not a lot of people play derpy shape game, so it will have less competition, but once everyone knows this, they will all want to play that game, thus making it more competitive. If we made different games weigh different amounts, we might just end up having no activity at all on a certain game. as far as I know, there is no "easier" game, just games where there are less people trying to get the top score.
  7. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    That's a good point. I guess that would work, assuming those games get popular. Also just as a FYI, 1st place should get 10 pts, and 10th gets 1. So my equation may change. Does everything else look good?
  8. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    For now, I'll probably just post weekly rankings for both of our versions. I would like to see if there's much difference in the rankings. In fact, I'll post a top 10 using your idea tonight or tomorrow. Btw, what I said previously may have sounded sarcastic, but it's not. I really am wondering if everything else looks good.
  9. c3b4me

    c3b4me Remember when this place was once was something? Piston

    most looks good but you should put in the top 20-30 people
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2014
  10. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    Good idea, how about 25? You hear a lot in sports “The Top 25 Rankings”. Which means I got more work to do :p
  11. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    Okay I made the Top 25 for con's version of the rankings. The rankings aren't much different than my version, but I personally think my version is currently more accurate, only because the games aren't popular yet. For example, awesome rider22 (My brother) isn't really only 4 points away from me. The other rankings clearly show I almost double his score. Also, there are going to be a lot of ties.

    1. spartankid (48 Pts.)

    2. awesome rider22 (44)

    3. Ghoster Boy (26)

    4. Cornelias (17)

    5. thepage (13)

    5. derpdee63 (13)

    7. mla96 (11)

    7. Muzik Bike :D (11)

    9. harrisrwe (10)

    9. kinger45 (10)

    9. trippy Myst (10)

    9. michaelissmelly (10)

    13. keegan360 (9)

    13. deezy1337 (9)

    15. purple platypus (8)

    15. palindromegirl (8)

    15. Stacker1 (8)

    15. Freedo 92 (8)

    15. ray95 (8)

    15. TauKKa (8)

    15. Theoatmealking (8)

    15. hgfd5628 (8)

    23. RainbowDash (7)

    23. JohnnySZS (7)

    23. SquishyFish (7)

    23. iTz ChuckNorris (7)

    23. fatfry2 (7)

    23. south (7)

    Okay, I'm done posting until next week now. Hope u guys like this and/or are inspired by it to play on Trackmill more! You CAN be in these rankings (and my version) by even next week...good luck guys, and plz let me know what you think!

  12. naturehatesme

    naturehatesme What's happenin' Mechanic

    I don't understand this?
  13. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    I'm just creating different kinds of ranking systems. Con, an admin on here, suggested this version. So I made it. All it does is adds up your ranking in all of the games, where 1st place gets 10 points, and 10th place gets 1 point.
  14. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    neat .
  15. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I will mess around with this a bit, see if magic happens
  16. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    Awesome! I did want to say my last vote on how I thought it should be done though. Idk what u think about it, but I thought I'd just throw it out there.

    I still think the version I designed is going to be closer to accurate, and it's much more precise to break ties. It's not that con's version won't work, I just don't think it's as appealing or accurate. But that's just my opinion. I'm excited to see what comes of this!
  17. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    Ok here's Week 2's rankings, sorry it's a little late. I've added the whole Top 25 now. (With no ties!!) Wanna know where you are? Ask me and I'll let you know your percentage! (It's going to be less than 2.66% if you're not in the Top 25)

    1. spartankid (59.43)

    2. awesome rider22 (39.09)

    3. Ghoster Boy (19.22)

    4. Cornelias (19.02)

    5. harrisrwe (14.20)

    6. kinger45 (13.01)

    7. thepage (12.97)

    8. deezy1337 (12.71)

    9. purple platypus (12.68)

    10. trippy Myst (12.52)

    11. mla96 (10.90)

    12. palindromegirl (8.22)

    13. Muzik Bike :D (8.20)

    14. Theoatmealking (7.41)

    15. derpdee63 (7.18)

    16. ray95 (6.52)

    17. Stacker1 (6.01)

    18. RainbowDash (5.64)

    19. hgfd5628 (5.48)

    20. LightAndMagic (5.27)

    21. Buzz9 (4.55)

    22. Freedo 92 (3.16)

    23. goose (2.98)

    24. oriole01 (2.70)

    25. TauKKa (2.66)
  18. Ailegy

    Ailegy Hugs :3 Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Cat Ninja
    wtf am i doing so high up? I have less than 100 highscores and most (or all) of them are on Cat Ninja. And I also don't see how my placing has gone down one even though I've almost doubled my highscore count since last time. I'm confused
  19. spartankid

    spartankid Spartan Bolt

    You haven't moved at all since last week. You were 12.52% last week and you still are now. The reason you're so high is because you are number 1 in a game. There are 8 games that are included, and you automatically get 12.50% for being number 1 in one of those games. (100/8=12.50) once you're number 1, you cannot move up in percentage any more on that game. But beating more high scores will still move others down in percent. So bottom line is...Cat Ninja is the reason you're in 10th place, and as long as you stay number 1 in that game you will stay around 10th place. (If you dont play any other games)
  20. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    Acually I have 38.24 because I had an older account called Ghoster Boy that somehow went back to pending validation. I couldn't reactivate it though :'( so I had to create a new account: Cornelias. con talked to me about the multioaccount, he said "Would you like me to perm ban this account or Ghoster Boy's? Or I could just perm ban both." So I had to pick my old account so I can have this one so he banned my old account. That account is already banned though! So yeah.

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