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new design screenshots and progress.

Discussion in 'Support Area' started by goose, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I think that this should be moved out of the coloraze area and into its own thread.
    I have decided to pretty much write trackmill from scratch. the backend has gotten pretty messy and needed a big time refresh, as did the design itself.

    On the 8th I said that It should start being released in about 2 weeks. I had some family stuff going on last weekend so I was set back a 4 days. I also have a big non trackmill related project that I need to get done by the 28th, and thanksgiving is coming up so there may be a few more setbacks. I will keep you guys updated on how far along things are.


    thumbnails - done for all games but DUI and foxnroll, still tweaking the FR2 one.
    paging - complete
    search - 75% complete
    forum activity area - complete
    tag area - complete
    new levels area - complete
    "thumbnail view" -complete
    Full track preview - 60% complete
    "list view"(aka clasic view like it is now) - 50%

    featured tracks - complete, but we still need to gather more featured tracks for all the games

    Free Wires

    "PLAY Page"

    new Rating system- 30% done;
    new comment system - 10% done
    social system - 5% done
    tag rating system - 0% done
    favorites system 60% done;
    subscription / following / tracking system - 0%
    high scores - complete.
    (screenshots coming soon)

    "manage tracks page"
    not started, but it will be simplified and improved

    "create level page"
    not started, but it wont change that much.

    "Gallery page"
    40% complete.

    I do want to point out that in 2 weeks we will START rolling it out. I am not going to flip a switch and convert the entire site, but rather do game by game. my though it to start with izzi because it is a good game, but does not have the thousands of people playing it like coloraze, FR2, FW, and SSS. I will push out izzi and give you guys 4 or so days to find all the bugs. Once that is done I will release the design on another game ever 2 days.
  2. RockenChich

    RockenChich SkaterChan TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Lookin good goose. The FreeWires tracks look a bit off though. like on the bottom row you can see patricks head, and some of the pink spilled out
  3. {6.6.6}

    {6.6.6} I hope I make you proud. Engineer

  4. Scipion

    Scipion bezt trukmall membr Engineer

    Can we get some info about the new ratings system?
    And for the create a level page, I suggest you move the level editor in the middle and then have an ad on both sides of the screen.
  5. Sir Lancerlot

    Sir Lancerlot Bum licking goodness Engineer

    You're amazing man :heart:
  6. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    with the new rating system you will be required to be logged in and your ratings will be public.
    however, I will still store ips. So people are not tempted to multi account.

    This may decrease the # of people that rate, but my hope is ratings will be more accurate.


    1-3 thumbs down
    4-6 thumbs sideways
    7-10 thumbs up

    it marquees when you mouse over, like "new levels". Shows the last 10 votes. Clicking on the name brings you to a page where you can see how that user rated all levels

    if you have a high score before you submit your vote will count as 2 votes.
  7. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    I noticed you needed some suggestions for the featured tracks. I hope I can help :)

    FR2 (13)
    1,000,000th Track Contest Entry by iTz ChuckNorris(1,000,000 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Longest Scooter Wheelie Ever by haxor(33,018 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Chopper Drop 5 (Matterhorn Test) by mogulist(328,297 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    VOLCOM SLOPESTYLE by Elmo21(68,885 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    (MTB) Gold Mine by Twi_Twi(76963 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Longest Endo Ever 5 (Insane Way To China) by Helmertz(124,131 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Heaven or **** by SATAN666(200,897 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Alien Invasion(Fixed) by gongo999(162,213 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    DizzY AutO 4.0 by stacker1(130,247 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Cityscape by iTz ChuckNorris(300,479 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Sky Park by mogulist(119,990 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    Snake Escape ART by gongo999(1,432,734 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    {MTB} Defying Gravity -LESS LAGG- by bikingMIKE(80,157 Chars): Play TrackPreview Track

    iZZi (6)
    Ravenous, Ravenous Blocks by UnderOATH33: Play Track

    Sunset by 148bsaa: Play Track

    Conflict WWII: The Bunker by TrapperJohn: Play Track

    An EPIC level by mla96: Play Track

    Mr. iZZi by mxracer100: Play Track

    The Excellence of Izzi by Buzz9: Play Track

    Coloraze (3)
    Sky Towers (fixed) by mla96: Play Track

    Deep Jungle by 148bsaa: Play Track

    doodle jump by jch789: Play Track

    Free Wires (7)
    TrackMill Entry Egypt by 148bsaa: Play Track

    Alien Invasion by hannanos: Play Track

    Ancient Ruins by 579Ant: Play Track

    Art by RockenChich: Play Track

    Midevil Times Part 2 by umbballer: Play Track

    Frost Bite by 579Ant: Play Track

    Underwater Adventure! PR by 148bsaa: Play Track

    SSS (2)
    Mr.Balls in Jail by Deezy1337: Play Track

    Pirate Ship by Z3ro 1234: Play Track

    If I can do anything else or give you more ideas, just let me know :)
  8. thepage

    thepage TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    ^ That's my job :( Nah, jk thanks for the help man. Just remember, not all of the top rated maps are the best. Find ones that have sustained the test of time as well. And pro tracks are always safe to use ;)
  9. jake to cake

    jake to cake TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Your amazing :heart:3

    Can I have a screenshot of the FR1 design page?
  10. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    on the izzi page i have two features thank :3 i will make more if theres features.
  11. nany2204

    nany2204 Washer

    I think that this should be moved out of the coloraze area and into its own thread.
  12. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    I know. I tried not to scratch the surface, but that's what I ended up doing anyway. =/
    I'll search through the tracks and see if I can find some good ones hidden among the numbers of pages :)
  13. thepage

    thepage TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    Heres what I've collected. Just try not to get duplicates if possible. Again thanks for the help.
  14. Corn Rider

    Corn Rider free trex Mechanic

    what about weighted voting?
    and maybe you could just have the three types of thumbs be the rating device, and show a tally of them..
  15. UnderOATH33

    UnderOATH33 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    I feel like the buttons and search bar need a deeper blue. It makes it look more TrackMilly.
    But other than that, looks pretty sexy and uber handy :p

    Will the game previewer (mainly fr2) be adjusted so when you use the mouse wheel to zoom in, it zooms to where the mouse is pointing rather then off to some distant land?
  16. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    two features :yay:
  17. fatfry2

    fatfry2 I like fries Engineer

    No SSS by me D:
  18. TTM

    TTM Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. But seriously, you should have some.
  19. thepage

    thepage TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    Post some yourself.
  20. fatfry2

    fatfry2 I like fries Engineer

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