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Most effective form of government?

Discussion in 'Serious Business' started by Sir Kodiak, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Sir Kodiak

    Sir Kodiak Killin' Deuces. Washer

    I just wanted some opinions on this.
    Obviously the major two since the early 20th century have been capitalism vs. communism, democracy vs. totalitarianism, etc.

    The downfall of communism, in my eyes, in that it breeds out human individuality. It leads to a downtrodden populace of pseudo-robots who're assigned as to who they are and what they become, for the "good of the state". This is a surefire way to ensure an eventual revolution/uprising if you don't have the military force to deter it.

    The problems with capitalism are obvious to any American, European, Australian, etc, and it's that where the people are not consigned to do anything, they're liable to become lazy and therefore become "dead weight" to society. While most capitalist nations have systems in place to protect those who cannot afford to live, and this seems beneficial, it often breeds a wave of "spongers" who'll only serve to suck the treasury dry when they're quite able to work.

    Democracy has worked for many nations the past few centuries, but only in the sense of national elections, which are liable to rigging anyway. When a legal bill must be passed it needs to be accepted by several legislative groups, and while this is "fair", when something needs to be passed quickly it's often very inefficient.

    Totalitarianism, akin to but not entirely the same as a dictatorship, where one party or person has control of the entire state, has it's merits in its ability to make things happen and happen quick, (See Germany 1933-39, Post WW2 Soviet Union) but often the morals of such occurrences are questionable, as when one group or charismatic leader leads a nation, and individualism is discouraged, leads to the entire nation being brought to think in the same matter, perhaps due to a "fear factor" or simply following the trend at the present time.

    Feel free to discuss both negative and positive arguments regarding different political systems and ideals in this thread, I apologise if it isn't up to scratch, it's my first post after all. \o/
  2. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    mixed economy +

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