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Let's make this clear

Discussion in 'Etchbox' started by EasternBiker, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. EasternBiker

    EasternBiker Chickity check yoself - Mechanic

    Stop suggesting crap if it would not be on a regular Etch A Sketch. Etch Box was made to resemble the real deal, not to modify it and to make everything super simple. It's getting so annoying see all you people trying to get these stupid ideas. Please, STOP.

    Sincerely, Eastern
  2. derpdee63

    derpdee63 Do you wanna explode? :D Piston

    It does say Magic Etch Box Screen! :p
  3. thepage

    thepage TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    Finally, someone that gets it.
  4. EasternBiker

    EasternBiker Chickity check yoself - Mechanic

    I feel as if the forum leaders and a couple of members understand this and I find it irritating.
  5. Steam

    Steam I has herpys. Mechanic

    i understand it but i would still be good to have a save system. :p
  6. Recordbreak

    Recordbreak Retired Staff Retired Staff

    +10 swag points.
  7. Steam

    Steam I has herpys. Mechanic

    ***** please. still doesnt have as much as me. ;)
  8. Ailegy

    Ailegy Hugs :3 Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Cat Ninja
    I agree, but then you might as well have the real one. At least on a real one you can have a break for a while. I actually had an etch-a-sketch thing where you could erase lines. It had a D-pad style thing to controll it though.
  9. naturehatesme

    naturehatesme What's happenin' Mechanic

    Ah! I know!! Let's add color,curves and man that walks around youre etch!! (just to piss you off :rapeface2000:)
  10. .Reip.

    .Reip. The Creator. Engineer

    I totally agree with you.

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