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I wish to reclaim my old account.

Discussion in 'Free Rider 2 General' started by LDDestroier, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. LDDestroier

    LDDestroier Washer

    I played Free Rider 2 a while back under an old username and email. I forget the username, but the email is probably etheilig@gmail.com.

    One large hitch, though. Google does not allow the recycling of their accounts, and that account had been disabled long ago. My current email is etheilig02@gmail.com, and I wanted to ask the moderators if they could do anything to help me reclaim my old account and its levels.

    Please reply quickly. Thanks.
  2. MTB17

    MTB17 Washer

    r.i.p free rider 2

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