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How you guys can help

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by con, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. con

    con Administrator Staff Member Admin

    hey, con here. well as you know, this is a place to introduce yourself. but what does this mean to you?
    well, if you want to really help out the community and all the new members, please, go through the threads made by all the new members and greet them properly. if they have any questions, help them out! and absolutely NO flaming or harsh comments. this is a stress free area for new members to feel welcome.
    thanks for all the help!
  2. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    I'm up for that. :)
  3. thepage

    thepage TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    Remember, post count is off.
  4. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    Yeah. That was a good idea too. I just wanted the first post on this thread :)
  5. thepage

    thepage TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    Why you little...
  6. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    >.> ... cool? perhaps we could make this a forced first post? so that they don't look retarded if they don't see it, and go around asking questions in other sections... yea?
  7. con

    con Administrator Staff Member Admin

    well if the members post anything like they do in the former thread, asking questions shouldnt be too much of a problem to them. :p
    also, in the future, a forced post may be in need, but for now, well see how this works.
  8. RockenChich

    RockenChich SkaterChan TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    No "new" members have made threads.
  9. MrRamgarhia

    MrRamgarhia Washer

    Hello all,How are you all,I am MrRamgarhia..
  10. infusion bag

    infusion bag Washer

  11. EasternBiker

    EasternBiker Chickity check yoself - Mechanic

  12. -smoker-

    -smoker- Washer

  13. M3M21C

    M3M21C Washer

    i know thats stupid one my friends told me that on a nother game weird i know how did i get this in my head? i do not know lol
  14. MartyAnish

    MartyAnish Washer

    If you need any help you can contact me through site PM/on the chat. Hope you decide to stick around with us and that you have a great time
    And I like country music as well, maybe we could chat about it some time.

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