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Guys, I'm sorry.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Cornelias, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    I know this place is dead, but still. Also, I'm not sure if this goes to the ball pit but it doesn't really matter. :/

    I just wanted to apologize to TrackMill for everything I've done since 2013, since I was a piece of **** who didn't know any better.
    I know this will be obvoius, but yes. I am Ghoster Boy.
    I made a new account because I ****ed around with my user settings and changed the email to a fake email, which put me invalidated. The email I used was my brothers email and he didnt want to validate me again (it wasnt his fault, I was stupid), so I made this account, and I got banned 4 times. Lets just say, I was young, rude, and immature and I had very little to no self esteem. I was rude to many people and especially to con and TheTrackMaster, because they banned me, and I blamed them because I didn't realize what I've done was my fault. I tried maturing over the years, but not by much at all until this year, when I realized I needed to grow up. Now, I'm 15 and am a Sophomore with As and Bs with goals and dreams he wants to achieve.
    If you do not accept my apology, its okay, Ill accept the fact you dont.
    I'm a young adult and I have reinvented myself.
    This is Cornelias signing off.
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  2. Muzik Bike :D

    Muzik Bike :D Coloraze World Champion(nobody cares) Engineer

    Favorite Game:
    time to return to my post as forum idiot
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  3. Download

    Download TrackMill Developer TrackMill Developer Developer

    top 10 anime reveals
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  4. Download

    Download TrackMill Developer TrackMill Developer Developer

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  5. chriz123

    chriz123 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    We have all changed and come a long way.

    Hi Download
  6. Download

    Download TrackMill Developer TrackMill Developer Developer

    how u doin? you should come on the TrackMill discord boi
  7. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    Man this is nuts. I think about this place every so often and feel pretty nostalgic about all of it. I'm 20 now, and had to have been probably 13 when I joined? Wow. This place was a pretty decent chunk of my developing mind's internet life. I miss all you guys. And I miss how things were.
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  8. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    When I joined TM (both as Cornelias and Ghoster Boy), I was unbelievably immature, regretful moments..
  9. MTB17

    MTB17 Washer

  10. _Raptor_

    _Raptor_ Trackmill Staff Mechanic

    it's all good my dude :)

    Holy **** man, how have you been?
  11. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic


    Looking back at my posts in mid 2013, Im cringing extremely hard. Like, I could only imagine how I was able to write all that. All I really cared about at the time wasnt the quality of my posts, but rather having many posts, which totally explains why it's all "**** **** ****" and what not. Also, I forgot to mention, I was doing the same thing on other forums.
  12. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    Yeah... this site is filled with **** now.
  13. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    I’ve been good, man. Had kind of a rough year, but it’s been on an upswing now. What you been up to? Message me if ya see this. Popped in real quick but would love to talk to anyone still about.
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