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Game was copied!

Discussion in 'Derpy Shape Game' started by IceMarioEx, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. IceMarioEx

    IceMarioEx A.k.a. LightningSplash Bolt

  2. newgon123

    newgon123 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    Did you even read the other threads in this section before posting this?
  3. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    Goose said he straightened this out. The creator of red remover started on the game after goose's friend was experimenting with this. I probably should have let you find out for your self, though.
  4. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I want to make this clear. theDistur wrote this game from scratch, 100% his code.
    He did not take any of the code from red remover. This was his first game and wanted to learn by making a game that he liked.

    He hopes to build on the game a bit to differentiate it. Like possibly adding gravity changes, color changers, ect. Keep the ideas flowing :)

    you may start seeing more of this from trackmill. We have been trying to acquire games that we think would be great for trackmill, but we are constantly getting a non response or a no(sometimes a rude no)
  5. Toxic Fuel

    Toxic Fuel Mechanic

    Yeah I already made a thread about this. And yes it is way too much like Red Remover, which is in fact more fun.
  6. newgon123

    newgon123 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    The game is just starting out in post-beta and still has a huge opportunity to grow, and it will grow faster if people support it.
  7. Toxic Fuel

    Toxic Fuel Mechanic

    True, if more people play it. Which I hope so, just for theDistur's sake.
  8. newgon123

    newgon123 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    If a game can have autos, it can succeed. Maybe I will make one once I get the hang of this game.
  9. deltacon

    deltacon Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    I just played the game with that link and I went through it in about 20 minutes. Derpy is a lot better.
  10. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy Angry Asian Bolt

    Whatever the source of this game may be, I think it is as simple as it is enjoyable. Glad to have it aboard the Trackmill ship.
  11. Muzik Bike :D

    Muzik Bike :D Coloraze World Champion(nobody cares) Engineer

    Favorite Game:
    I like them both.
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