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FreeRider2 Dictionary

Discussion in 'Free Rider 2 General' started by SplittingAtoms, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Welcome to the Freerider2 Dictionary, I think this will be very helpful to new members, If you have any words I should add, feel free to post them.

    Art: A usually large peice of a real looking, common logo, TV character, Event or other object.

    Aut:eek: This is a track that is completely hands free. The rider will complete the track on his own, with no need for your to use the keys.

    Bail: This happens when you hit the "B" key on your keyboard. It causes the rider to jump off of the bike and result in a crash.

    Backflip: Rotating the rider 360° backwards.

    Bomb: A power-up that, when hit, causes the rider to immediatly die.

    Boost: A simple Power-up That when hit, causes the rider to speed up in a certain direction.

    Character ( "char" ) Count: The number of Characters ( letters/numbers ect. ) In the code made by a track.

    Collab ( Collaboration ): A track which is Made by two or more members. This track is usually One member does detail and The other does the track. There are moderate Variations of a Collaboration track, though.

    Curve ( Tool ): A tool, that when used, creates more than one line, helping you with smooth tracks.

    Detail: The addition of usually small, plentiful lines to give depth and enjoyment in a track.

    Downrater: A person who Rates a single or multiple track(s) 1/10 or a common, low rating because it does not apeal to him/her. This should not be done, as it lets good, talented trackmakers go Undiscovered.

    End:eek: A position where the rider is moving/riding on the front wheel of the bike.

    Eraser: A tool which when click, erases lines that have been placed near the spot of the mouse. Note: You cannot erase lines on already submitted tracks.

    Flow: This pertains to the quality of a track. Flow is where the track fits together nicely and the rider rarely bumps around, this is associated with the Quality "Smooth".

    Frontflip: Rotating the rider 360° frontwards.

    Glitch: When the rider glitches, it inverts into an awkward position. Normally happened in autos.

    Goal: A tool and powerup, when hit, causes the rider to either complete the track, or a sign of part of completiong ( there may be more than one, although one is most commonly used )

    Gravity: A power-up, that when it, will cause the gravitational Pull of the rider to change direction.

    Grid: A Tool, when used, causes the placement of the lines that you furthur place to be aligned ( Thats hard to explain, lol )

    Hold Up: A track, Similar to an auto, where you must hold one or more keys through out the track, rather than needing to control the rider.

    Jump: When the rider Jumps off of the designated lined placed. OR~ A ramp, flowing upwards that causes the rider to move off quickly.

    K: A abbreviation for kilo, which meanes thousand. Ie 200K=200,000. Used in countain characters. OR~ A term used commonly at the Fr2db Forums, a sign of agreement, a post along containing only "k" is spam.

    Lag: The slowing of ones computer caused by the excessive amount of characters in a track.

    Line ( Tool ): A tool, that when used, creates a line, you do this by clicking, dragging, and letting go of the mouse button.

    Loop: An addition to a track where the rider rides a part or whole circle

    Pr:eek: The very best track makers on TrackMill, You must be very talented or win a Trackmill Hosted contest to Become A pro.

    Q: By pressing the Q key on your keyboard while creating maps, this saves/loads the tracks. Mainly used for autos.

    Scenery: A tool that makes semi-transparent, grey lines that cannot be ridden on. OR~ An artistic addiont added for enjoyment ( refers to "Detail" )

    Slow Motion: A simple Power-up, that when hit will cause the rider's visible speed will slow, although never effecting his actual speed. Note: The effect of the power-up will go away when both wheels of the riders bike touch the ground, or when the rider dies.

    Smooth: A track in which the rider is very controlled and is easily ridable/beatable. ( refers to "Flow" )

    Steady Cam: An addition that causes the Camera to keep steadiness on the rider.

    Theme: The general look/type of a tracks detail and or rideability. One track's theme may be "Busy City" and one track's theme "Rocky mountain".

    Top score: Completing a track with the fastest time.

    Track: A general compilation of Lines that, though doesnt need to be, is usually rideable.

    Wheelie: A position where the rider is moving/riding on the back wheel of the bike.
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  2. LostX

    LostX omgwtfbbq? Washer

    add the word k standing for thousand, and mil for million.
    Also add stuff like abbreviations in another section for people who don't use them, but want to read them.
  3. Added, thanks

    Mil isnt needed though
  4. 1lol1

    1lol1 Fu*k Roundhouse Piston

    who will need to use this because i knew what all this stuff was
  5. It is intended for new members, If you dont have a suggestion or feedback on the idea, then please dont post.
  6. 1lol1

    1lol1 Fu*k Roundhouse Piston

    oh ok sorry what about lag
  7. added.

    Thank you.
  8. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    :eek: you don't have loop!
  9. :0 I do now!

  10. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    you need endo and wheelie
    btw I reckon this should be stickied.
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  11. Stig

    Stig TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Thank you doctor obvious...
  12. Your welcome, Intern Spam.

    Added auto and Hold up.
  13. haxor

    haxor Lights is my bitch TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Gratz on the sticky.
  14. <spi>

    <spi> go home roger TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    any time stig.
    you don't have H-hot key, not that it's needed.
  15. punchstat

    punchstat I like 'em thick an juicy Mechanic

    Your a new member yourself. I'm estimating 7 or 8/10 new users don't use the forums anyway. Therefore not able to read this, and not subject to language that isn't understandable. Even half of this list is common english. But yeah, good idea. I'm sure at least one or tw noobs will find it handy.
  16. chriz123

    chriz123 TrackMill Staff Moderator Staff Member Mod

    Good work :)
  17. bikerchick909

    bikerchick909 Piston

    thats a lot.
  18. Mr. Kow

    Mr. Kow Mechanic

    wow, that actually even helped me a bit! thanks!
  19. bikerchick909

    bikerchick909 Piston

    i didnt know there was so many words.
  20. weldothewise8

    weldothewise8 Savour of TM track codes Bolt

    wow really helped alot

    but most of these were self explanatory

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