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Favorite Movie Thread

Discussion in 'Technology And Media' started by THE PENGUINs, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. TrapperJohn

    TrapperJohn Que Sera, Sera Engineer

    Buried is in my top five, hands down. I also think Paper Man probably deserves a rank, too. Best Emma Stone performance I've seen, and Jeff Daniels is awesome as always.
  2. railgrindsrule

    railgrindsrule (-_-(-_-(-_-)-_-)-_-) Assembly Line Worker

    The Matrix, Star wars, The hunger games, Avitar, and the Simpsons movie.

    THE PENGUINs e pluribus unum Factory Manager

    Saw Prometheus, it is now my 3rd favorite film of all time.

    Was ˚˚˚˚ing epic.
  4. DanielTaylor

    DanielTaylor Washer

    I am a huge film lover and some of my favorite movies are:

    1) Avtar
    2) The Italian Job
    3) MI 4
    4) The Devil's Advocate
    5) Speed
  5. Sir Kodiak

    Sir Kodiak Killin' Deuces. Washer

    "Threads", a 1984 British docu-drama that explores the horrifying reality of an East-West nuclear exchange at the height of the Cold War, and the effects and aftermath on the UK, centred around Sheffield and it's residents. Prepare yourself for laughter at ridiculous northern accents, then a figurative punch in the stomach as the bombs hit, and the desperate struggle for survival that envelopes the lives of those who live through the initial blast. Depending on how effected you are by psychological thrillers, I recommend you don't watch this before going to sleep.
  6. dark smoke

    dark smoke also known as auto king Assembly Line Worker

    My favorite movie is ted.
  7. ronaldClume

    ronaldClume Washer

    Free 4 All is my personal favorite, the intro is kinda wack, but the rest of the film is awesome

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