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Etchbox Rating image

Discussion in 'Etchbox' started by goose, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Currently The etchbox rating image is the one we used for coloraze. Does someone want to make or suggest what we should do for the rating image?
  2. Zags

    Zags (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    i say when its hovered over it spins (like the nobs on the etch) and when it's full its just the normal etch nob. and when its empty its just a blankish? nob. Something like that?
  3. Steam

    Steam I has herpys. Mechanic

    use those noob things you use to speed up the etch with.
  4. dark smoke

    dark smoke also known as auto king Assembly Line Worker

    bump, I think this is a good idea^
  5. Sir Lancerlot

    Sir Lancerlot Bum licking goodness Engineer

    Yeah I like this.
  6. goose

    goose hmm... Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Someone want to attempt to make this?

    need 3 images, 30 x 30 each. "selected", "unselected", "hover"
  7. .Reip.

    .Reip. The Creator. Engineer

    I may give it a crack but maybe not.
  8. Muzik Bike :D

    Muzik Bike :D Coloraze World Champion(nobody cares) Engineer

    Favorite Game:
    what, Cornelias?

    Super bump but I think a pencil would be kinda great
  9. kingaling

    kingaling Custom User Title Piston

    you don't make an etch with a pencil. how about just tiny little etch boxes? and am i the only one who knows how to spell "knobs"? i mean come on really?
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2014

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