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Discussion in 'Serious Business' started by White Hat, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    yes in the physical sense
    go up on the street and try and fight somebody
    youll probably get stabbed

    go in school and try and fight somebody unless you go to some shitty trash school you wont get stabbed and definately not shot
  2. Cornelias

    Cornelias gone. sorry. Mechanic

    My classmate bullied me in my school once in July 2013 and it hurt :'(
  3. JossyPops

    JossyPops Piston

    I was severely bullied 6th grade because of the way I looked. People called me caveman, fat a**, ugly, and a bunch of others like elmo eyes, and anigay for liking anime :/. And even worse the beginning of 7th grade so I decided to do homeschooling the rest of 7th grade. Went back to school 8th grade, new school, changed my hairstyle, wore makeup, changed my fashion so the bullying was majorly reduced.

    6th Grade:

    Beginning of 8th grade:

    Middle of 8th grade:
  4. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    verbal bullying isnt really a big deal a little pressure to change isnt that bad
    but unless someone says something you cant change, where you should just not give af anyways lol
  5. Çedar

    Çedar Coffee Piston

    I've never been bullied before.
  6. The Pivoter

    The Pivoter TheOfficialPivotex Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    The make-up wasn't necessarily the best idea, but that last picture disturbed me a little bit... you looked like you were kidnapped by a rapist and raped and creampied and raped...
    If you know what I mean.
    And you look emo in the last two pics.
    Life is like a *****. Either conform to all evil or be excluded from all evil that you have to live with.
  7. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    then youre probably really weak lol unless your parents raised you good and taught you how to act if some guy calls you a bish or something. but you said your location is california so you probably got some weird feminist tolerence education lol srs (no hate)

    ˚˚˚˚in lol ^
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