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Are Video Games a Waste of Time?

Discussion in 'Serious Business' started by Toxic Fuel, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. Toxic Fuel

    Toxic Fuel Mechanic

    Clearly we need a thread dedicated to this, considering there was a lengthy discussion on this on my "Introduce Yourself" thread.

    So do you think video games are a complete waste of time, and if so, why?

    Personally, I do not, as long as it is in moderation and does not interfere with real life responsibilities. Video games are widely known as something people play to escape reality or to simply have a good time, and that's why I play, not to mention it is basically a hobby of mine. Video games are also the main focus of a lot of famous YouTubers, who make a lot of money doing this.

    Now of course, while that is understandable because that is how they make money, what about playing it for leisure? I don't make money playing video games and I probably never will. At the end of the day, I want to be able to relax and do something enjoyable that isn't tiresome. If I have a new game, it actually excites me and I can say that it makes my entire day overall more enjoyable.

    But like I mentioned, everything in moderation. If video games are OVERTAKING your life, causing you to oversleep, not get enough sleep, be late for work, and so on, you have a serious problem and you will get nowhere in life. I, personally, do not let games do this.

    So in my honest opinion, they are not a waste of time and they have even been proved to help one's hand/eye coordination, reflexes, social skills, and so on. I found this article very interesting and I do have to agree with it.

    So now, if you feel like it, please let me know what you think, and certainly provide some evidence as to why you may think it is or is not a waste of time.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2014
  2. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker


    also that link. how surprising, a website about video games has an article defending video games.
    video games do not increase social skills. being in social environments increases social skills, and that does not mean being in a xbox chat party. here is a link about social media but you can apply it to video games . almost all human communication is through body language. there was also a study that showed people who only communicated through face-to-face became better at reading and responding to body language (i.e. social skills) in weeks, i am having trouble finding the study so i will get back to you on that one.

    playing an instrument increases hand-eye coordination and is a much more valuable skill.

    staring at video game screens at night can also disrupt your circadian rythym. you mentioned you play at the end of the day, so i'm going to guess you've lost some sleep to video games. you also mention yourself that video games are an escape. they lower your awareness and let you leave your life for awhile. well for me, id rather be aware, in control and in the moment with people, and focus on creating a life that i dont need to escape.
  3. Toxic Fuel

    Toxic Fuel Mechanic

    Okay, I do have to agree with you that the best way to communicate is face-to-face and that is fine. But what I think about is that you won't be able to have face-to-face conversations all the time, especially if you have friends that live a ways away from you. This is not always the case though. In fact, maybe you have a good friend that lives a mere 10 minutes from where you live, and maybe nighttime is the only convenient time for you both to game. Are you really going to travel in the dark, carry all your gaming things just to have face-to-face conversations while playing games? Probably not, especially not during a weekday.

    My point is, sometimes the easiest way to communicate is through Skype or in-game voice chat.

    Here's a real life example.
    I currently have a very good friend that lives about 9 hours from my house. For obvious reasons, I can only visit him when we can both set aside a couple weeks to hang out, considering the long drive. However, we are able to Skype fairly often, and it is always really fun. Whether we are gaming or simply talking about anything and everything, it's really refreshing. But when we are finally able to actually get together instead of Skype, it's certainly much more enjoyable.

    So yes, I do see where you are coming from trex, but sometimes having face-to-face conversations can be inconvenient or simply hard to find time to do so.
  4. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    now youre arguing a point that doesnt even exist.

    im not saying you should only communicate face-to-face

    i am saying that face-to-face communication is the only way to improve social skills. text and voice communications in video games do not.

    so you pretty much wrote the wall of text for nothing. this shouldnt even be a debate.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2014
  5. Toxic Fuel

    Toxic Fuel Mechanic

    Okay maybe I took it out of context but you are completely wrong when you say that "being in an xbox chat party" doesn't improve social skills. Like I said, sometimes that is the only way to communicate, and if it is, then it will in fact help that person to develop better social skills that a person could otherwise find hard to do in the real world. Video games give people a chance to interact with one another, have fun, become leaders, or whatever you want really. Face-to-face is most certainly not the only way to have social skills.

    EDIT: Even still, if a person does not have any problem with making friends in the real world, do you honestly think that it would be better to completely avoid human interaction in your downtime or actually be able to through video games? One way to make friends is by meeting them in online gaming forums or simply through voice chat in a game, and it can be fun and interesting because they could end up liking the things you like, live near you, or even across the globe.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2014
  6. Forlorn333

    Forlorn333 d3cornlorn999 TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Are video games a waste of time? Depends on the game, depends on the purpose, depends on the hours spent, whether or not there's any benefit taken from it, etc. There is no universal yes or no answer. For most people, yes, video games are a complete waste of time in terms of ever having a productive life.

    Then again, there are people making tons of money off of video games. People who are skilled with coding and graphic design are needed in many different fields. And at the end of the day it isn't my place to tell someone they're wasting their life away (such as in extreme cases, like addiction to games) because if that's the position they're in, they are beyond hope anyway.
  7. Nathan Pro

    Nathan Pro J-Dog $wag Assembly Line Worker

    If you enjoy playing video games i don't believe it is a "waste of time"
    I don't think it is the most beneficial thing for you to do though
  8. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    you still dont get it. unless you're communicating face-to-face, your social skills will not increase. this is because we mostly communicate through body language. the vibe you give off to people, whether creepy, confident, relaxed, etc. is dictated by body language. do you understand? being a sociable person has a lot to do with your ability to pick up on cues. having a high social skill = knowing body language and non verbals and how to react to them. talking on xbox does not give you the exposure you need to increase your social skill.

    addressing your edit, why is it such an absolute system to you? i can have human interaction without playing video games. and human interaction really isn't that important (unless you want to raise social skills). most people like friends because they motivate them, make them happier, and can help them out in tough places, etc. but arent really necessary to live a happy and awesome life (for some people). example: if you go harder in the gym when you have a friend there, that will be beneficial to you, you are motivating each other. but if youre the kind of person who likes to put in your ear buds and hit the iron heavy than having a friend there would probably just distract you and be less beneficial.

    the day you really die is the day you stop caring about self improvement (productivity). have you ever had a time where you worked at 100% efficiency for a short period? imagine being like that all the time. where would you be? how would things be different for you? and more relevantly, what wouldnt you be doing?
    creating video games is not wasting time, its trying to make money (self improvement)
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2014
  9. Muzik Bike :D

    Muzik Bike :D Coloraze World Champion(nobody cares) Engineer

    Favorite Game:
    You can improve social skills during gaming conversations if you have camera chat or something.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2014
  10. Toxic Fuel

    Toxic Fuel Mechanic

    No I do get it but I still think you are using absurd reasoning why video games are a waste of time and there is literally no way to get through to you that they are in fact beneficial. I'm tired of talking with you. I think I'd rather other people's opinions now.
  11. Download

    Download TrackMill Developer TrackMill Developer Developer

    I completely disagree with this. If we mostly communicate through body language then why do we even have language?

    I've never seen people just looking at each other without speaking a word and know exactly what they are thinking or discussing.

    I do agree however that body language is part of communication, however it is not needed when you can hear a voice and it's tone.

    Here's a paper that shows some social and cognitive benfits: https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/amp-a0034857.pdf
  12. trexmasterrace

    trexmasterrace Assembly Line Worker

    wtf? not only is this impractical, but this isnt even about video games, just "gaming conversations"?
    are you reading my posts? like i said before, this isnt even a debate. i might as well talk to grass.
    considering you posted a thread abou tdcs i thought youd have a smarter response.
    by looking at two people talking you should be able to tell what theyre feeling from a distance without hearing them. if you cant naturally do this youre lucky because you can train yourself. voice and tone is also less important than body language.
    we communicate through body language:
    if you want to be better at recognizing body language look up the definitive book of body language. also look at this website:
    if youre seriously concerned about increasing your cognitive ability, learn an instrument, language, and read more. i guarantee you will come out better than if you just play video games.
  13. Download

    Download TrackMill Developer TrackMill Developer Developer

    What people are feeling can be very different than what they are communicating.

    I posted that link more for the social aspect rather the cognitive.

    I do agree that learning and instrument or language will increase cognitive abilities, however video games will activate parts of your brain that wouldn't normally with learning an instrument and vice versa, therefore I still do not find them a waste of time.
  14. Forlorn333

    Forlorn333 d3cornlorn999 TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Productivity and self improvement aren't the same thing, but okay. You can be productive in something without actually improving yourself.

    Also, to answer your question, if I worked at 100% efficiency all the time I'd probably be an exhausted and stressed person. Everybody, especially top athletes, need breaks. Nobody can work endlessly because eventually the cost of overdoing things will outweigh what you could've done with a refreshed mind and body ;)
  15. usermame 62

    usermame 62 My Body is Ready! Assembly Line Worker

    So you think making video games isn't a waste of time yet you think it's a waste of time to play them. Video games are made to be played by the way, not to mention, developers probably play their game to see if it's working, so game developers must waste time too because they play video games. Also video games have been reported to boost your IQ – something you could get a boost in. And technically you waste time as you use up time complaining about video games which everyone on here likes (this is a gaming site after all).

    Aside from what I've said above, if you play video games 24/7 when you have something important to do then you're wasting your time – there was a reported case of a person who played Call of Duty for 96 hours straight, and ended up going to hospital. However, if you're off for Christmas (like myself), then you're not wasting time in the sense that you're decreasing your productivity. Who needs to be productive when in the house and don't need to be am I right? My points may be a little bias as I've had experiences of over-stimulating myself with academic material to the point where I had difficulty sleeping. In general, I play video games as a hobby and will usually take breaks by perambulating around the house (I play video games sitting down so my muscles are quite relaxed most of the time).
  16. The Pivoter

    The Pivoter TheOfficialPivotex Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    Yes. Video games are designed to be addictive, just like illegal drugs.
    ^^^This is gold.
    The purpose of any video game is to keep the gamer hooked. If it doesn't do that, then it's accounting software.

    People who are skilled with coding and graphic design should be designing software for driverless or flying cars and other new inventions, not providing fuel for addicts who need rehab.
    The 'enjoyable' part of video games is what keeps people hooked and wastes their time.

    What a bump.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
  17. Ailegy

    Ailegy Hugs :3 Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Cat Ninja
    Can you remind us what's the point of living if it's not to enjoy things?
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  18. Muzik Bike :D

    Muzik Bike :D Coloraze World Champion(nobody cares) Engineer

    Favorite Game:
    Again, I find it ironic that this takes place on a gaming site
  19. The Pivoter

    The Pivoter TheOfficialPivotex Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Free Rider 2
    To create healthy, fertile offspring and keep the human race alive .
    Do you even biology m869
  20. Ailegy

    Ailegy Hugs :3 Mechanic

    Favorite Game:
    Cat Ninja
    Biology isn't the study of the point of life, so asking that as an end to your message seems pretty silly imo. But anyway, is that all there is to it? Are you going to teach your children to teach their children, who'll teach their children that the only reason to live is to make more children? Not a hint of fun is important? You're born to spend 70 years of your life on this earth only to spit out a few children (which won't be happening for most of those 70 years) who'll do the same thing. I'm sure the majority of people would prioritise having a bit of enjoyment in their lives, something which games can help achieve. Personally I'm a big fan of gaming, I don't put it before my work or social life but the hours I have to myself I like to enjoy.
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