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All New Members: Read This!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 148bsaa, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    This is basically just to give new users all the common knowledge to be a good member on TrackMill. New users, just follow everything on this sort of tut and you'll be the best member you can be!

    Getting Started
    Well, first off, read the forum rules and try to make sense of them. If you've never used a forum before, you most likely won't know what most of those terms are. But goose explains the rules to everyone very well and most users will be able to understand it enough to put it together. If you still need clarification on anything, PM one of the staff members in the list below.

    Once you have read the rules, you should understand that, officially, you have to be 13 years or older to use the forums. To use the forums if you are under 13, you would need a parent or guardian's permission, so just be sure that your parents/guardians know you are posting on the forums if you under 13. The rest of the site is open to everyone, though.

    To start off, I recommend posting a new topic thread here on this forum! To start a new thread, go to the Introduce Yourself forum (the one this post is in) and click the button that says "Post New Thread". Name the title something like "Hi I'm (your username)!". Tell us a little about yourself and ask any questions you might have there as well. Chat with other users around the forums, and make some friends. This might help you get started well. Also, one more thing. Don't be concerned with your post count. All it is is how many times you have posted here on the forums. Don't get too caught up with it.

    The TrackMill Forum Ranks and Staff Directory
    There are different ranks here on the forums. Ranks are displayed under your username. This tells all about what they mean and their jobs.

    Administrator (Admin)
    These people are called Adminstrators and are marked with a red ribbon below their name. These users are usually called "Admins" for short, and they have the highest rank here on the forums. Think of them as the managers of Trackmill, as they regulate everything that happens (like the user icons, forum names, forum categories, banning, etc.) and a lot about other parts of the site as well. There is only one highest ranked user here on the forums, and his name is goose. He created TrackMill with a few friends. So you can thank him for this great site :)

    Moderator (Mod)
    These people are Moderators and are marked with a blue ribbon below their name. Moderators are usually called "Mods" for short. They have the second highest rank here on the forums. Moderators are the ones who visit the site most often and keep the forums clean. They handle most of the forum changes and banning, etc. If it wasn't for them, this site wouldn't be as great as it is right now.

    Developer (Dev)
    These people are called Developers ("Devs" for short) and are marked with a green ribbon below their name. The reason they have the rank of Developer is because they have created or at least had a part in creating at least 1 of the amazing games you see here on Trackmill! They do not moderate the forums, though they have a similar ranking to moderators. One user here, patawic, is actually both a Developer and a Moderator! How neat is that?

    Retired Staff Member
    These users are retired staff members and they are marked with a grey ribbon below their name. They were at one time members of Trackmill's staff, but as they became inactive on the site, they were removed from the staff and given a rank as being retired. Basically, they were staff, but now they're not.

    TrackMill Pro Gamer
    These users have Pro status on at least 1 of the games here on Trackmill and they are marked with a yellow ribbon below their name. Being a pro means that they are some of the best creators of maps, tracks, and puzzles here on TrackMill. Look for their levels because they are really good! If you work really hard, you could be pro someday!

    Staff Directory
    Here you will find a list of staff members you can contact directly. Because this list changes from time to time, you can also click here to be taken to the Staff page.

    goose ProfilePM

    con ProfilePM
    chriz123 ProfilePM

    Freedo 92 ProfilePM

    Newgon123 ProfilePM

    patawic ProfilePM

    thepage ProfilePM

    TheTrackMaster (TTM) ProfilePM

    UnderOATH33 ProfilePM

    Note: May have to change links in the spoiler

    How to Submit Your Tracks to TrackMill
    Method #1: (Works for: Coloraze, iZZi, Steel Superstructure, Free Wires, Free Rider 1, DUI, Bit Addiction)
    1. Create your map.

    2. Once you have created your map, some games allow you to save your work so you can work on it later. But, only Coloraze, Free Wires, Free Rider 1, and Fox n' roll have this ability. So, once you're done, there's a button somewhere on the game that says "Submit Track to TrackMill" or "Share this Track on TrackMil". Click that button.

    3. Give your map a name. This will appear as the link to go to your game. So give it a really cool name that describes your track.

    4. Give your map a description. This could either be a short description of why you made it, or it could be a short story about the map. Make it however you want.

    5. Add tags. Tags help when users search for your track. So, always include your username in the tags.

    6. If you're all done, submit the track! Enjoy

    Method #2: (Works for: Free Rider 2)
    As of right now, FR2 is the hardest to submit game for new users. It's a bit complicated. But one good thing about it is you can save your map and use it later. To save your map, move your mouse over to the right side of the game. Click the save icon at the bottom. Copy the code in the box that appears, and paste it into a word document. Save it, and you can use it whenever you want.

    To Submit a track:
    1. Create your track.

    2. Move your cursor to the right side of the FR2 game. At the bottom of that toolbar, there is a save icon. Click that. A black box will pop up. Either right click the code and click copy, or click the copy button below the code (right clicking copy is way faster, trust me).

    3. Paste your copied code into the big box to the right of the game.

    4. Name your track. Go with something short, and make it something that describes your track.

    5. Choose the vehicle that the person will start off using. It's best to pick the one you used while making the track.

    6. Click the Submit Button, and Enjoy your track.

    TrackMill Terms
    Game Abbreviations
    Some games on the forums will be referred to by a shorter name. Example: FR2 = Free Rider 2. Usually this shorter name will be a combination of the first letter of each word in the name of the game.

    Forum Terms
    Spammer - Someone who posts a lot with random, usually incomprehensible English used. These people are not well liked within the community, and are usually banned.

    Forum - The main section that holds threads.

    Sub-Forum - This is another forum category inside of another forum. An example of this would be the Ball Pit forum in the Off Topic forum.

    Thread - A topic that contains posts and is within a forum.

    Post - A remark on a thread.

    This is just a very short list of necessary terms for new members to know. For a full TM dictionary, please have a look at the full Forum Dictionary in the links below, courtesy of Freedo 92.

    Helpful Links
    Forum Rules ---------- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ---------- Ban List
    Ask Trackmill Forum ---------- Full Staff Directory ---------- Forum Dictionary (Courtesy of Freedo92)

    I hope this has helped all the new TrackMill users.
    Thanks you, and enjoy your stay at TrackMill :)
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  2. jake to cake

    jake to cake TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro TrackMill Pro

    Holy **** this probably took a lot of time, sticky for sure.

    THE PENGUINs e pluribus unum Factory Manager

    Someone wants to be a mod.

    But either way, helpful.
  4. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    I just noticed that a lot of the new users had a lot of the same questions, and this answers most of them.

    And yes, jake, this took me a while :)
  5. patawic

    patawic Ex TrackMill Developer Retired Staff Retired Staff Developer

    has been stickied.
    good job
  6. TTM

    TTM Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Nice thread, should be locked (to prevent spam) and stickied.
  7. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    Thanks :)
    You're the best :heart:
  8. Sir Lancerlot

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    Dude, nice! :)
  9. Scipion

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    Nice job, very helpful.
  10. Deezy1337

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    Very helpful [:
    helped me a bit too :heart:
  11. EasternBiker

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    Wow. Very nice thread. This will help so many members. :thumbs:. Actually taught me a thing or two.

    Hehe. I remember when I was in undy for mod. And I had to ask him what mod meant. xD.
  12. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    Thanks. I'm actually surprised I'm helping people from 2010, as well. C'mon! It's been nearly 2 years! :D

    Anyway, thanks. The one thing I want to improve on is the TM terms list. As you can see, I don't have a lot on there. So I need you guys to post some of the terms I missed so I can add them to the list. I'm also perusing the foums for the ones I missed. When I find some, I'll add them, but I need your help too! :)
  13. Scipion

    Scipion bezt trukmall membr Engineer

    Add post ranks. I always spend at least 5 mins before I find them in Fine Print :p.
  14. Freedo

    Freedo Administrator Administrator Staff Member Admin

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    Cat Ninja
    no point in adding terms, because I have a huge list in the forum dictionary.
  15. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    I put that in the Helpful links :)

    Could you give me the link? I wanna put that in the helpful links :)
  16. Freedo

    Freedo Administrator Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Favorite Game:
    Cat Ninja
  17. 148bsaa

    148bsaa LIFE: That Awkward Moment Mechanic

    Thanks. It has been added :)
  18. jch789

    jch789 goose's old account Mechanic

    Maybe simplify the terms a little there's like 9 year old kids on here.

    THE PENGUINs e pluribus unum Factory Manager

    Who ever said "should be locked", think it was TTM, noobs might want to ask questions here instead of other places.
  20. EasternBiker

    EasternBiker Chickity check yoself - Mechanic

    I was going to say that but I'm too lazy.

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