Here is a basic introduction to Trackmill's exclusive Steel Superstructure. There are various power-ups available whilst creating a level. Here is a simple explanation for each:

- This is the first ball you start out with at the beginning of either testing or playing. You can think of it as your "first life".
- After dying once, you will be controlling this ball, which will then turn red. You can also press space to switch back and forth between both balls.
- These are goals. After each one is collected you will win.
- These are blocks. You are not able to pass through them.
- This is a key. It can be used to open doors of the corresponding color.
- This is what the blue door looks like which can be opened by attaining the above key.
- This is a button. If one of the balls is sitting on this button it will open a gate of the corresponding color.
- This is the gate which is opened when the above button (of the same color) is pressed. It is only open while the other ball is on top of the button. As soon as it is moved, the gate is closed again.
- This is a teleporter. They are spawned in units of two, and if you pass into one of them you are immediately sent to the other one, and continue in the direction of which you were previously headed.
- This is an acid barrel. If you hit one of these then your current ball will disappear and you will be sent to the other. You are then not able to switch back and forth between balls, and if you hit another then the level resets.
- This is a directional tile. You may only pass through it one direction. With this tile, for example you can only go through it from the left side. There are also tiles for all 4 directions.

Things to keep in mind:
- Some power-ups are spawned in units of two. These are: keys and doors, buttons and gates, and teleporters.
- After using up each your balls (lives) the whole level will be reset, including balls, goals, and power-ups.

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